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Chlorella Facts

Chlorella facts arm you with knowledge to find the purest, most nutrient rich source of this green superfood.

This single-celled algae is one of the world's best sources of chlorophyll, nutrients and toxin-binding compounds.

What do you need to know to choose the best product..?

PHOTO ABOVE: BEST Chlorella Pyrenoidosa

Chlorella Facts: How is it Grown?

When choosing a brand of this green food supplement, find out how it is grown!


Because if you get the wrong product, it is not only a waste of money - it can make you sick! This happened to me when I made the mistake of buying a health store brand a couple of years ago.

Be especially careful which brand you select if you already are dealing with mercury toxicity symptoms, lead poisoning or any other heavy metal or chemical sensitivity issues!

One of the Most Important
Chlorella Facts

One of the most important chlorella facts you should know is to ONLY buy it if it is grown in filtered man-made pools.


Because, sadly, no body of water in nature is toxin free. Chlorella is like a sponge when it comes to absorbing mercury and other toxic metals.

While it benefits us by attracting and binding heavy metals, and poisonous chemicals like PCB's and dioxin and carrying them out of our bodies...

...this amazing edible algae aggressively draws toxins into itself when grown in a natural setting! If we eat it, it will carry these poisons into our bodies!

Therefore, if you have mercury or other toxicity issues, and you choose the wrong product, you may be adding toxic metals to your body!

Knowing your chlorella facts helps you steer clear of products claiming to be grown in a 'pristine' natural environment - they are expensive, toxic pond scum!

Other Vital Chlorella Facts:
Growing Conditions

One of the most important questions to ask...

Is the chlorella you buy grown indoors or outdoors?

Sunlight is essential for growing the best chlorella...

Therefore, the environmentally controlled ponds in which this super-food is grown MUST be outdoors.

It needs abundant sunlight in order to bind mercury, other toxic metals, and many environmental toxins such as dioxin.

NOTE: Chlorella grown indoors was found to have NO toxin-binding capacity!

Protection: the product you buy should ALSO have been protected from exposure to environmental toxins, so the outdoor ponds should be covered during rain and high winds that can carry contaminants.

Testing: Ponds must be continually monitored and tested to make sure there is proper nutrition (minerals, etc.) for the growing algae, and that the water is free of toxic compounds.

Chlorella Facts: How Do You Choose a Brand that is Safe?

Buy the BEST Chlorella!

Special Note: If you are currently taking Coumadin (Warfarin) or other blood-thinning medication, please consult your doctors about whether you can add Chlorella to your diet. Like other chlorophyll-rich deep green foods, Chlorella contains Vitamin K and therefore may interfere with the blood-thinning effects of the medication. 

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