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The Best Beta Glucan:

How it Strengthens Your Immune System

First, what IS the best beta glucan..?

It is a very pure polysaccharide extract taken from the cell wall of baker's yeast. The richest of all sources of this compound is bakers yeast.

The highest quality beta glucan is so pure that no yeast is left in the finished product. It is completely hypoallergenic - well-tolerated even by people with severe yeast problems!

How the Best Beta Glucan Works to Boost Your Immune System

The best beta glucan has several profound benefits for your immune system...

It increases bodily production of white blood cells. More immune cells give you a larger 'standing army' to fight harmful invading microorganisms.

It increases cellular mobilization. More active immune cells can respond faster to harmful invaders.

It also helps to shift immune response from an overstimulated Th2 response to a balanced Th1. Anecdotal evidence suggests this may help with allergies, autoimmune disease and cancer.

A Variety of Uses for the Best Beta Glucan...

Any kind of stress can interfere with proper immune system function!

Emotional distress, toxic exposure, surgery, injury, lack of adequate rest, poor diet, disease and various other influences stress the body. This makes us more susceptible to harmful microorganisms - both those that normally inhabit our bodies and those that come from our environment.

You see, stress lowers the production of macrophages (white blood cells) and other killer cells that protect us. Stress also lowers the quality of individual immune cells.

The white blood cells and other immune cells that our body produces become weaker and not as well-structured as they would be if we were healthy.

I know this from experience...

The most rigorously researched, proven, best beta glucan very clearly proved its worth during the worst of my immune challenges.

These days, I don't need to use this supplement on a continual basis. I keep some on hand to use during times when my body is more stressed (the coldest, darkest days of Winter in New England can qualify as a stressor ;-)

Because the best beta glucan increases immune cell quantity and quality, it has numerous applications in achieving and maintaining Peak Health.

For example, athletes in rigorous training programs can benefit, because scientific studies suggest that training to exhaustion temporarily lowers immune response!

If you have an autoimmune condition, are detoxing from mercury or other heavy metals, in addiction recovery, under emotional stress, or just living a lifestyle where you feel you are overextending yourself - it would be good to investigate this compound that is scientifically proven to boost the immune system...

The One and Only Best Beta Glucan

My Personal Experience: Turning Wimpy White Blood Cells into Warriors!

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