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by Ellen Landauer

Strengthen Your
Immune System!

To strengthen your immune system, going against the mainstream narrative is a good thing to consider.

Strengthen your immune system; enjoy more time with your pets!

PHOTO ABOVE: Spending time with pets helps strengthen your immune system! Experiencing their love adds even more of a boost!

PHOTO ABOVE: Spending time with pets helps strengthen your immune system! Experiencing their love adds even more of a boost!

During the worst years of my fight to heal from mercury toxicity, I was plagued by unrelenting viral, fungal and bacterial infections. 'Trials of Job' is a phrase that comes to mind. A live blood cell analysis done during that time showed red blood cells with bacilli INSIDE of them! Had I 'caught' all those pathogens from other people? NO!

Can anyone explain to me why the yeast, viral and bacterial infections gradually subsided and finally disappeared as I detoxed and rebuilt my health??

Why did I not need any pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines or medical procedures to fully regain health after being riddled with all manner of pathogens??

Why is it that when I reluctantly consented to pharmaceutical drugs (Nystatin and Diflucan) for the raging yeast, the relief achieved while taking them turned to the biggest yeast overgrowth backlash you can imagine, once the protocol was over? This occurred within days of discontinuing - leaving me far worse off than before! That experience convinced me - no drugs ever again!

Prescription drugs can (temporarily) get rid of symptoms really fast. Deep, lasting healing takes TIME, knowledge and consistent dedication on your part.

My extensive personal experience healing body-wide damage from severe mercury poisoning: rigorous detoxifying and building health by every means possible was the way out! All manner of infections were solved in this way. Given excellent support, my body fought back and won!

To Strengthen Your Immune System - Please Use
Common Sense!

As a prelude to the discussion below, please note - when immersing yourself in contact with nature - use common sense and do your best to avoid toxic environments! Yes, there are toxins worldwide; just do your very best to minimize exposure.

To strengthen your immune system, take it slow if you are ill. If your health is unstable, go slow with immersing yourself in a variety of biomes until you are stronger. YOU are responsible for exercising wisdom in how you navigate this issue.

An exception to what I talk about below - in the event of an actual bioweapon attack - yes, you want to do everything possible to avoid ANY exposure!

Necessary Steps to Strengthen Your Immune System

To strengthen your immune system requires the following:

1 - Minimize or eliminate your exposure to toxic chemicals and drugs.

2 - NO processed foods - only fresh, non-GMO organic vegetables and grassfed meats and dairy.

3 - High fat, moderate protein, low carb diet.

4 - Stay away from conventional foods of ALL descriptions! Almost every plant food is GMO, sprayed and nutrient-deficient. Conventional animal foods are from sick, stressed creatures raised in abominable conditions.

5 - Enjoy plenty of outdoor activity and contact with nature, pets and people. Gardening without chemicals is a great hobby to give you contact with healthy natural biomes. Enjoy pets - yours or your neighbors.'

6 - Detoxification for a Lifetime is Essential! Regular detoxification is needed to minimize or eliminate debilitating effects of environmental toxins such as heavy metals. By making detox a priority, you will achieve and maintain a much more youthful body than without it.

Both EDTA Chelation and Amino Acids with Vitamins and Minerals are excellent for detox and building vitality.

7 - DON'T use sanitizers! Aerosol sanitizers and hand sanitizers expose you to hormone-disrupting chemicals, among other toxins. In addition, by killing bacteria, they destroy protective bacteria on your skin - leaving you open to serious infection. (1) (2)

To Strengthen Your Immune System: Play in the Dirt!

To strengthen the immune system, we must be open to resisting the toxic mainstream narrative.

Both experience and extensive research shows me a picture that invalidates all common beliefs about how we become ill - AND about how we recover. With all the panic over pathogens these days, we need to take time to not only do deep research, but to see beneath the debilitating narrative.

I cringe every time I see anyone wringing their hands as they repeatedly rub in 'hand sanitizer.' If you feel compelled to comply with tyranny, just use some pure alcohol. I keep a bottle of isopropyl alcohol in my car in case. I tell those who try to compel me to use hand sanitizer I am allergic. There are those who would have us live in a hermetically sealed pod - the perfect way to weaken anyone's immune system!

We strengthen the immune system every single day by exposure to pathogens! The vitality of a well person who shuns contact with nature, animals and fellow humans is like the body of a weight lifter who doesn't lift weights - it becomes weaker and weaker.

“The immune system has to think on its feet,” Davis says. “A healthy human immune system continually adapts to its encounters with hostile pathogens, friendly gut microbes, nutritional components and more, overshadowing the influences of most heritable factors.” (3)

Strengthen the Immune System to Create Resilience

A Rolfing client of mine, who came to me regularly for sessions over a number of years, told me she had been diagnosed with Lyme disease. Lyme is defined as an infectious disease associated with the Borrelia bacterium.

Humans have lived with Lyme for centuries! It is nothing new - so why all of a sudden, is it a problem? Think about that!

Lyme spreads by being injected directly into our bloodstream by an infected tick. As riddled with Lyme as my client was, I never 'caught' it from her despite many sessions of Rolfing each of which involves over an hour of hands-on therapy. If a tick had bitten her, then bitten me, I MIGHT have become infected. But then again - maybe not - depending on how my body responded.

A good perspective was provided some years ago when Ena, my first East German Shepherd, was tested for Lyme. Fortunately, we had a very holistic and honest vet - one of the best. 

The test showed some Lyme antibodies in Ena's blood sample. My vet's take on this - 'Well, it looks like she had Lyme and successfully fought it off.' Umm - WHY are people who are tested these days for antibodies allegedly due to a certain virus (which has never been isolated by the way!) said to be 'infected' and 'carriers?' Antibodies are evidence that the battle has already been fought and won! 

A few years ago, while at the gym, I chatted in the cramped space of a locker room, for over 15 minutes - with a woman who had a roaring flu - sore throat, coughing and clogged sinuses. Did I catch what she had? NO! She was just one of various people with flu symptoms that I conversed with at the gym.

What gives here? Are we being lied to about what really causes disease?

AND - are we being lied to about what really PREVENTS disease!?

When we strengthen the immune system, our body innoculates ITSELF! White blood cells called lymphocytes produce antibodies that bind to a particular antigen (disease causing agent). This labels the antigen to alert other white blood cells to destroy it. 

The best self-care protocols foster this process among others. It makes innoculations administered with needle and syringe obsolete.







Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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