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Concern About Side Effects

In this EDTA chelation suppositories question, a reader concerned about side effects wants a safe, gentle product for the best price.

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I'm interested in purchasing the Medicardium EDTA Chelation suppositories, but do not want to purchase if I have the same negative bodily response I had to oral edta. Is detox response to suppository less than oral. If you can't answer this question then that's Okay. I live on practically nothing. Is there someone who answers a few questions before one purchases?


Generally, I don't recommend oral EDTA, as most forms of it are not well tolerated (diarrhea, chelating nutrient minerals out of the body, etc.). As well, only about 5% of EDTA from most oral chelation products actually goes toward detox.

On the other hand, when using EDTA Chelation Suppositories, 60% or more of the EDTA is utilized by your body for detoxification!

EDTA Chelation Suppositories Protocols for Sensitive People:How to Ease Into a Detoxamin or Medicardium Protocol

For very sensitive people, I generally recommend the Medicardium 365 mg EDTA chelation suppositories.

One of my extremely sensitive clients used only 1/3 of a Medicardium once per week. But that is a rare situation.

I can't say how your response would be. I have never had anyone not like the EDTA chelation suppositories. They are also quite effective for heavy metal detox as over 60% of the EDTA is utilized for that purpose.

EDTA also has other great benefits like increasing nitric oxide production.

I hope you find this info of help, and find a product that works well for you.

I wish you the very Best of Health!


Ellen Landauer

EDTA Chelation Suppositories Reviews

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