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by Ellen Landauer

Barefooting Tips

Barefooting tips help you develop a safe, healthy and satisfying connection to the earth.

Partaking of the vitality emanating from earth is, these days, more important than ever. It is a beneficial way to balance our energy field.

Barefooting tips - lovely way to spend time with your dog!

When we are un-grounded and exposed to microwave, wi-fi, and plain old 'dirty' electricity, we accumulate too much electrical charge in the form of too many positively charged electrons.

This results in inflammation and stress - most likely eventually leading to chronic illness.

Our birthright is a deep connection to earth and nature. Restoring that connection is essential for health, especially these days.

Barefooting Tips:
Reclaim Your Feet!

The more time your feet spend in shoes, the less healthy and functional they are. Like a limb in a cast, they atrophy. Muscles and joints in legs and feet thrive when they are exposed to the random motion and constant fine adjustments needed when walking without shoes.

When you embrace barefooting, you enter a whole new world of sensation. The soles of your feet massage and grip the ground, becoming activated and alive.

To engage feet and legs in preparation, you may want to get yourself a 3 inch diameter rubber ball and spend a few minutes daily using it to massage and supple each foot in turn. This would be done in a standing position. Apply an amount of weight and pressure that pleasureably engages the muscles of your feet and legs. No need to rush and this should be enjoyable, not too harsh or painful. A little 'good pain' is OK, just take your time.

Barefooting Tips:
Grounding Rationale

Most people spend most of their lives ungrounded - out of contact with the energy of earth. 'Earthing' or 'grounding' was our natural state before we became domesticated. Now we talk about it because we need to re-establish our connection with the energy field of the earth that sustains us.

Being in direct contact with the earth is an antidote to 'dirty' electricity, wi-fi and microwave. 

'Dirty' electricity can be explained this way: When electricity is transported through wires/cables over long distances, it picks up/absorbs all manner of disorganized wave forms from wi-fi and other fields. This discordant, disorganizing vibration is then transmitted to us. It enters the electrical wiring in our home and impacts us through the walls, and through our contact with all our electrical devices.

'Clean' electricity is an orderly, harmonious sine wave. When it becomes 'dirty,' it becomes a frenetic, disorganized wave form which disorganizes the energy field of any living thing in its vicinity.

A major benefit of skin-to-ground contact is that it is shown to reduce inflammation through the transfer of negatively-charged electrons from the surface of the Earth into the body. These electrons neutralize the positively-charged destructive free radicals involved in chronic inflammation).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Barefooting tips include enjoying this ancient connection sans wi-fi devices and cell phones! Ditch the devices if you want to reap the health benefits!

This article on barefooting tips is to help you be healthier. The basic concept is that when we are not grounded, our bodies build up an excessive electrical charge. This electrical charge overload leads to increased inflammation and stress, making disease and discomfort more likely.

Barefooting Tips to Start Out

Barefooting tips for you if you are a beginner. You can start right in your own backyard, if you have one. Lawn and garden are great, assuming you don't use chemical gardening products on them. You can do two things at once; yard work and connecting with the earth.

Comfort and safety:

While doing yard work sans shoes, when using a rake, make sure prongs are pointing down if you put it down during your tasks. You don't want to step on prongs. I've done that, and what saved me from a puncture were the years of barefooting which had created firm padding under the skin of my soles. But it was still pain I would rather not have...

If you have recently had a social event in your yard, rake the lawn to remove any bottle caps or other debris you wouldn't want to step on. If you've been trimming your blue spruce or other pines, ditto - rake up before removing your shoes - needles of blue spruce especially are quite sharp and can pierce the tender skin of a beginner.

Acorns are a special category of their own, one with which I have much experience. Lots of oaks in our woods equal lots of acorns. In mid-summer, little immature ones smaller than a marble are quite hard and pointy, with painful hard stems that somehow usually point up where they land. I keep our paths raked to avoid too many encounters with them. By Autumn, depending on the acorn crop, in some places big round ones blanket the paths. I make sure to clear them, as I do not wish to play 'roller-ball' by attempting to walk over them.

NOTE: Acorns and rocks, etc. become less of an issue once you have several years of serious barefooting under your belt.

This is because the bottoms of your feet adapt by developing strong, supple padding (more about this later).  

If you have a larger plot of land (couple acres or more), you can make dirt or flagstone paths that wind through trees or plantings. You can grow creeping thyme between the stones if not using cement - makes a lovely soft surface to walk on and emanates a lovely minty smell when walked on.

Barefooting Tips
If You Live in Condo

Condos and other similar housing organizations almost always use chemicals and sprays on lawns and plantings. Same with golf courses.

Sadly, these are not good options for contacting the earth. The soles of our feet are very absorptive and will uptake either good or bad substances.

Barefooting tips in a condo or townhouse situation might include noting the spraying schedule and waiting a week or more - also sticking to the sidewalks - less grounding, but also minimizes exposure to chemicals.

Barefooting Tips: Lawns

Barefooting tips for lawns include awareness of creatures that inhabit grassy areas. If there is an abundance of clover or dandelions in your lawn - typical if you don't use sprays and weed killers - you want to keep your lawn very short. This minimizes clover and dandelion flowers - which bees love. 

I figured this out years ago while walking on a lovely soft lawn with lots of clover flowers. I accidentally stepped on a bee, which proceeded to admonish me with a sting. A few days of painful swelling on my instep convinced me of the advantage of regular mowing.

Barefooting Tips
for Trail Walking

Spending time on wooded trails is rejuvenating.

Barefooting tips must take into consideration the rocks and roots which tend to be ubiquitous on woods walks. It is a good practice to look at the ground a bit more than your surroundings, to notice any sharp rocks or gnarly roots that you need to avoid stepping on. Especially if you are walking au naturel in a public place, this is important. Of course in a public place you also want to remain aware of who is in your vicinity as well.

Barefooting tips: Technique - At each step, lift your foot a bit more than usual and PLACE it consciously on the ground. This accomplishes two things. By lifting a bit more and shuffling less, you minimize the chance of a stubbed toe. This technique also develops more awareness of sensation in the soles of your feet as you 'feel' the ground more. 

As each foot is contacting the earth, take your time, especially at first. It is like sipping a fine wine rather than chugging it down. In the barefooting process, you are developing enhanced perception in the soles of your feet. So it ends up being a 'feeling your way' process at each footfall. 

You don't want to just plunk your foot down. Rather, slow down your footfall into an exploratory mode - FEEL what you are stepping on before putting full weight down. It is as though you are gently and consciously 'massaging' the earth with your foot.

Eventually it is a rich sensual experience. Rather than being in a rush to get from point A to B, you are exploring sensations and 'educating' the perceptive ability of the soles of your feet. 

Feel the different sensations of walking on loamy, moist ground - or a smooth rock - or a bed of moss (my favorite). Activating the soles of your feet and fine motor control in feet and legs is also beneficial for brain, nervous system and perception!

I hope these barefooting tips will contribute to your safety and enjoyment as you explore a new world of sensation and get closer to the earth's energy.


Ellen Landauer is an expert with over 40 years in-depth study and experience of the safe and effective use of nutritional supplements, botanical extracts and detoxification methods.

She is Certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration body therapy developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf - also known as Rolfing. This hands-on therapy is the deepest, most comprehensive body alignment therapy. 

Ellen Landauer is also a  PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

To learn more about Ellen Landauer, see her detailed bio HERE


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