Male Potency Killers: Know What to Avoid for Better Sex

Male potency killers deprive you of testosterone, sex drive, and potency and can be a physical cause of erectile dysfunction.

Are you desperate enough to think of taking a chance spending huge chunks of money on fancy, unproven male enhancement products or procedures that claim to increase sex drive, penis size, hardness or staying power? Male potency is based on physical and emotional health, not on products that make exorbitant, empty promises.

Creams, pills, surgery, weights, pumps and 'penis enlargement' contraptions that look like they were developed in the Middle Ages all have two things in common:

1 - They all promise quick or even immediate results. Beware! Some of them are risky or harmful. Why risk such a precious part of your anatomy?

2 - NONE of them give you the solid foundation required for awesome sexual health!

Here are the male potency killers you need to minimize or avoid for optimal sexual health.

Your 'What to Avoid' List Helps You Maximize Male Potency

First the bad news...if you consume lots of the following, there is a good chance impotence help will be needed, if not now, likely sometime soon...

The good news...the more you avoid these male potency killers, the greater your chances for success.

The Worst Offenders:

Avoid or minimize (and I mean MINIMIZE) the following:

All street drugs - so-called 'recreational' drugs, including marijuana, ecstasy, methamphetamine: No matter what the short term effects, over time, use will utterly destroy male potency. Marijuana, for example, increases estrogenic compounds, depletes magnesium and vitamin C among other nutrients. Worse, it floods the dopamine receptors of the brain with so much dopamine that over time it destroys them. Healthy dopamine receptors are needed for healthy sexual desire and response.

Cigarettes, cigars, pipe or chewing tobacco: You must know this if you are here, but I have to include tobacco.

What you may NOT know is that most tobacco contains harmful amounts of cadmium, a toxic element proven to cause impotence!

Also, tobacco use CONSTRICTS blood vessels, restricting blood flow to important parts of your body, like the penis!

Alcohol: Alcohol is a 'super-carb' that wreaks havoc with blood sugar. (If you find it hard to give it up you likely have a blood sugar problem).

**Also, unless you buy high-quality beer from a micro-brewery, or make your own natural wine, you will be imbibing toxic elements such as sulfites, preservatives or heavy metals which can cause or exacerbate health issues.

Hard liquor is the worst - gin, tequila, vodka etc. Wine (without sulfites), and beer from a micro-brewery are best - consumed in modest amounts.

Refined sugar: Commercially made candy of all kinds (and even so-called 'natural' ones containing fructose, non-diet soft drinks, and processed foods in general since so many are flavored with sugar.

Refined grains: Pasta, cakes, cookies, crackers, cereal flakes, etc.

Bottled fruit juices: Pure sugar water with all the life pasteurized out of it. Absorbs fast, spiking blood sugar and stressing the pancreas. Forget organic fruit juices too - just high-priced liquid candy!

Frozen juices, fruit flavorings, etc: In small amounts only for flavoring - a condiment, not a food!

High-glycemic fruit: In small amounts with a balanced meal including high-quality protein and fat, such fruits as bananas, grapes, pineapple, oranges and mangoes are fine in small amounts. Sugar is sugar, even if it is a fresh fruit. Same for dried fruit such as raisins, currants, figs and so on - small amounts only.

Processed meats and canned foods of any kind: Too many chemicals and additives, high-heat processing causes changes in molecular structure of proteins and fats, making them toxic. Stay away!

Commercially grown meats, eggs and dairy:

Do you want to wear a bra?

No, I'm not kidding! Gynecomastia (generically known as 'man-boobs'), can result through consuming commercial meats laced with female hormones used to fatten the animals.

'A significant percentage of gynecomastia is caused by medications or exogenous chemicals that result in increased estrogen effect. This may occur by several mechanisms: 1) they possess intrinsic estrogen-like properties, 2) they increase endogenous estrogen production, or 3) they supply an excess of an estrogen precursor (e.g. testosterone or androstenedione) which can be aromatized to estrogen.'

The above quote is from a VERY long article at:

Avoid factory farmed meats like the plague! Female hormones are fed to accelerate growth and increase fat marbling, milk production and plumpness. Insecticides used to keep parasites at bay contain 'xenoestrogens,' chemicals that raise estrogen levels in those exposed to them.

Are you aware of what farm factory livestock consumes for food? In a word, GARBAGE!

Orville Schell, in his book, 'Modern Meat' describes a scene where he visits a commercial dairy farm and peeks over the sides trucks that pull up to deliver 'food' for the cows. What does he see? Moldy, rotten corn chips from a corn chip factory, corrugated cardboard and orange peels green with mold, from a juice processing plant.

Farm-raised fish: They are fed a diet fish were never meant to eat; commercial chow with lots of grain.

When you confine hundreds of big fish in a small area, what do you think floats into their open mouths as they swim about? Enough said!

That completes our list of male potency killers.

Are you now asking, 'What CAN I eat to maximize and maintain male potency?'

Choosing Male Potency Supplements that Get Results

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