Hair Analysis:

Know Your Metabolic Type and Mineral Balance

An In-Depth Hair Analysis Report is FOUNDATIONAL to ANY Self-Care Program!

A Hair Analysis report from the best lab in the country will give you your metabolic type, nutrient and toxic mineral statistics and a detailed diet and nutritional program for vibrant health.

Whether you want to optimize your health, or have mercury toxicity symptoms, heavy metal issues or other health problems, this testing procedure will give you valuable insights and a plan of action.

Hair Analysis is of significant help in tracking your progress and customizing your personal self-care program. It is a MUST for anyone with health problems, particularly heavy metal toxicity or related issues such as chronic fatigue, Lyme and neurological disorders.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD, world mercury detox, Lyme disease and Autism expert, says...

"Hair Analysis is the best and least expensive way of monitoring the success of your detox program."

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About Hair Analysis

About the Best Hair Analysis Testing Facility in the Country
Hair Analysis and Your Ideal Metabolic Type Diet
How to Correctly Take Sample for Your Hair Analysis Test
Your Hair Analysis Report Nutrient Minerals Results
Hair Analysis Toxic Metals: How to Interpret Your Test Results

Hair Analysis Reviews

My Trace Elements Hair Analysis Diary
My Clients' Hair Analysis Reviews

Hair Analysis Questions

Hair Analysis: a Reader's Question, 'What Can it do for Me?'

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Hair Analysis for Your Canine Companion

Hair Analysis for Your Dog

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