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Detox, Diet and Nutritional Supplements

Do you know that depression relief often can be achieved through detox methods? I will explain the part that toxins play, and ways for you to feel happier and more energetic.

So many people are on prescription drugs because mood results from a number of factors, and one important influence is what is going on in your body! That's why drugs like Prozac work...

...however, if you do one tenth of what I suggest in these pages, you will significantly relieve depression naturally!

Diet to Relieve Depression
A Few Quick Hints

PHOTO ABOVE: Culinary excellence courtesy of my Paleo Chef Extraordinaire husband.

Eggs from grassfed chickens contain an abundance of healthy fats, phospholipids, omega-3's, and protein - all needed to heal brain, nervous system, neurotransmitters and more.

Just to give you help right away, the first thing you can do is cut way down on refined sugar in all its forms. Candy, cakes, white sugar, all processed foods (many are laced with generous amounts of sugar).

Refined sugar is a real kill-joy! Did you know that...

many symptoms of deranged blood sugar are just like symptoms of various mental illnesses. Amazing, isn't it!

sugar damages brain chemistry and function in the same way that cocaine, heroin and opiates do?

Going further, substance abuse can be triggered by poor diet and blood sugar disturbances that leave people more susceptible to addiction.

In addition, it is devastating to cardiovascular health and increases risk of developing cancer.

Dr. Robert Atkins called sugar 'the most commonly consumed cancer-causing substance in the modern world.'

Cut out refined sugar and emphasize healthy fats, high-quality protein and dark green vegetables.

Choose satisfying, varied foods for your meals and snacks.

For example, rather than just having an apple, which is mostly carbs (good ones) and fiber, why not have an apple with raw aged cheddar cheese and a small handful of fresh walnuts?

The protein, fat and minerals such as calcium in the cheddar, and the omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamin E and B-Vitamins in the walnuts, added to the apple's enzyme-rich carbohydrates, potassium, boron and other minerals will provide a full meal!

Now, on to our discussion of how detox methods can help you feel more optimistic and energized...

How Do Toxins Cause Depression?

Neurological damage

Hormonal disruption

Nutrient depletion

Immune system disruption and damage

PHOTO BELOW: Montiff full-spectrum Vitamins, Mineral and Amino Acids Packages support brain, nervous system, detox and bodily repair!

PHOTO BELOW: 3 Fabulous EDTA Chelation Detoxification formulas. 

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