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Ketogenic Diet Menu:
How to Get Started

Ketogenic diet menu - how to get started is important. Note that this may be a VERY different matter for you as an individual as opposed to someone else.

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The more high-carb foods you eat, the more you will have sugar cravings. Carbohydrates are addictive.

Once you achieve a fat-burning metabolism, you will be far less subject to craving sweets. However, if you go back to moderate to high carb (20% and up), cravings likely will reappear.


Here is a partial list - all high carb / high glycemic foods - in order of severity from worst to less. 

WORST: Alcoholic beverage (alcohol is sugar on steroids) / ANY sweetener such as sugar, honey, maple syrup, barley malt, etc. / soft drinks / candy, cake / pastries.

NEXT TO WORST: pasta, grains / bread / crackers / cookies.

IN SMALL AMOUNTS OK: dried fruits / any whole grain product / fresh fruits / potatoes, starchy vegetables, beets, carrots / nuts and seeds.

HOWEVER, the more important it is for you to achieve and maintain awesome health, vitality and happiness, the more important it will become to moderate your carb intake. You may just find a real ketogenic diet menu a VERY DELICIOUS, SATISFYING and pleasurable way of eating!

Ketogenic Diet Menu: 'No-Calorie
Sweeteners Danger!

NOTE: Sweet taste alone is enough to trigger sugar cravings. Use of stevia, stevia extract and other 'no calorie' sweeteners will only hold you back. I know this from having been addicted to adding stevia extract to all manner of drinks and foods. Not only did I retain my sugar cravings but I was addicted to the excitotoxin effect of glycerin which was NOT listed on the label of the stevia extract products I used. (Excitotoxins overstimulate brain neurons so they go into overload and suddenly die. Also excitotoxins make foods taste SO good that without them other food tastes dull! So take my advice - don't use)!

Ketogenic Diet Menu:
Your First Steps

Here are some examples of different situations you may be in, and how to begin what ultimately will  be a most empowering nutritional journey:

1 - You have been very ill and digest high fat foods poorly: Go slow and address the immediate situation. Detoxing mercury, lead and other poisons is essential for normal digestion and all other body functions. So DETOX! Slowly add small amounts of the healthiest fats and limit carbs - get rid of the worst ones first (see list above).

2 - You are diabetic: You may need medical supervision to get onto a solid ketogenic diet menu - your body may not properly handle ketones.

3 - You are not clinically ill, but not vibrantly healthy yet: Again, go slow, eliminate the worst offenders and gradually increase healthy animal fats while detoxing, beginning exercise and improving other aspects of your health program. 

4 - You have done plenty of detoxification, eat only pasture-raised dairy and meats, and are already moving toward a real ketogenic, Paleolithic diet. Go for it and see where your sweet spot is with regard to proportion of high fat animal foods vs. low-carb plant foods.

Ketogenic Diet Menu:
Now for the Fun Part!

Raw, Pasture-raised dairy: Cow, sheep, goat, water buffalo milk, cream, sour cream, yogurt, butter and cheeses. Millers Organic Farm has the BEST! (No, they don't pay me to say that)!

Pasture raised beef and lamb.

Pasture raised chicken, turkey and eggs.

Low carb vegetables: Dark leafy greens such as arrugula, parsley, romaine and other lettuces. Baby Bok Choy, red cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccolini, etc. Smaller amounts garlic, onions, tomatoes, carrots.

Seasonings: Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Chalfin Orchards sold by Millers Organic Farm an excellent choice). Organic apple cider vinegar, himalayan salt, fresh ground pepper, fresh herbs.

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