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Mens Health: Testosterone, Libido and Erectile Potency!

Mens health including testosterone levels, libido and erectile potency are achieved AND maintained through fabulous health! Here also: natural ways to give your sexual power a 'jump-start.'

Are you a man wanting to solve low libido, male impotence , or other problems of a sexual nature...

(or a woman wishing to enjoy revitalized sexual potency of your man)?

No need to resort to dubious male impotence treatments, risky male enhancement methods, or exorbitantly expensive pills that don't live up to promises.

I can tell you one thing for sure; better sex for a lifetime is the result of a lifetime of excellent self-care.

Follow along with me, and I will show you how to safely and naturally increase testosterone levels, potency, and health of prostate and penis.

Do you want to lower your risk of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertropy, otherwise known as enlarged prostate?

AND reduce chances of being diagnosed with prostate or testicular cancer?

There are pro-active measures you can take to achieve these ends. Reducing exposure to environmental toxins is just one thing you can do.

Detoxify from such harmful elements as lead, cadmium, aluminum, mercury and even pthalates from plastics...and you will support your sexual health!

ALL those toxins and more can WREAK HAVOC with hormonal levels and hence, your male potency!

Remember: Healthy testosterone levels are basic to mens health !

Did you know that it has now been proven that, commonly, erectile dysfunction is a precursor to vascular disease. Not only your love life, but also your cardiovascular health depends on Testosterone sufficiency.

Environmental Toxins Destroy Mens Health

You may not know this, but the effects of toxins are devastating to testosterone levels, male libido, and erectile potency.

Are you aware, for example, that many insecticides contain 'xenoestrogens,' compounds that increase estrogen levels in the body. Too much estrogen in relation to testosterone (in both men AND women) is a cause of low libido.

In men, too much estrogen and too little testosterone leads to loss of strong secondary sex characteristics; muscle turns to fat, genital size and function wither, strong character and willingness to face life's difficulties weakens.

Not only that - excess estrogen in the body has been shown to be a factor in triggering cancer.

It is more important than ever to seriously consider body detoxification as an effective means of enhancing mens health.

Commonly used household chemicals such as chlorine, a toxic halogen that accumulates in fat tissue, acts like a female hormone. Natural hormones in correct balance in the body increase our vigor and longevity. But organohalogens like chlorine create a harmful imbalance.

Another common influence increasing estrogen in mens' bodies is the female hormones fed to, or injected into, most commercially raised livestock. This causes feminization - enlarged male breasts, impotence and genital shrinkage.

Scientists studying polar bears and other wild animals as far away as the Arctic find that industrial pollutants are causing reduced penis and testicle size in males, and ovary size in females.

EDTA and Other Detoxification Methods Enhance Mens Health

EDTA Chelation is a proven, powerful way to clear toxic metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum, nickel, arsenic and other elements that are devastating to health and potency. It also increases circulatory efficiency to ALL parts of the body. EDTA Chelation increases NO (nitric oxide) production in the vascular system.

Nitric oxide supports the health of the endothelium - layer of cells lining the blood vessel walls, protecting your cardiovascular system.

Nitric oxide production is vital for erectile capacity as well.

Phytosterols for More Testosterone: Plant sterols are needed in abundance to keep your testosterone from degrading into estrogen as the years pass. If you are concerned to find a NATURAL, reliable way to do this, a supplement containing beta sitosterol from saw palmetto, Magnesium-di-Potassium EDTA for circulation, and pumpkin seed extract is a reliable long-term solution.

The cleaner your body, the higher your energy and potency. You also will FEEL more PLEASURE during sex because you have removed the toxins that interfere with direct nerve transmission of the enjoyable sensations of sexual activity.

Better Sex Diet - Mens health is optimized by a diet rich in high quality proteins and healthy fats. This gives you the raw materials for high quality sex. Do you know that sufficient cholesterol is vital for the manufacture of sex hormones?

What Are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

EDTA Chelation for Mens Health

Natural Impotence Help

Male Potency Killers: Avoid These for Improved Sex!

Super Foods for Super Male Potency

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