Saw Palmetto for Women

Saw Palmetto for women is just as beneficial as for men. There are a host of compounds in the fruit of this plant which boost female hormonal health. They include:

Phytosterols: Beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol and campesterol are the main phytosterols.

Healthy Fatty acids: Lauric acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid and myristic acid are the main ones.

Saw Palmetto for women - the most common benefit attributed to Saw Palmetto is the inhibition of an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. Many women, particularly during and after menopause, suffer a lack of Testosterone. Symptoms are many, including low libido, poor sexual response, muscle weakness, lack of endurance and importantly - loss of zest for life!

5-alpha-reductase converts Testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Excessive DHT production can result in hair loss, low libido, poor sexual response and acne. By inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase, sufficient Testosterone can benefit female as well as male vitality and sexual health.

Saw Palmetto for Women: A Traditional Remedy

Saw Palmetto for women has a long history of use by indigenous peoples including the Seminole Indians in the southeastern US, who used it as a regular part of their diet. Historically, saw palmetto for women has been used to normalize menstruation, enhance normal breast development, to increase lactation (because it increases prolactin production) and as a general tonic.

There has been little research on Saw Palmetto for women. Like so many other natural remedies that cannot be patented, there is no incentive to prove this remedy beneficial. In fact, there is more motivation to prove it ineffective - so beware of conflicting research results. Common tactics include using too low a dose, not accounting for deleterious lifestyle habits that would negate benefits and using study participants that are less likely to respond because of preexisting physical conditions.

Saw Palmetto for Women: My Personal Experience

Saw Palmetto for women, particularly before, during and after menopause, is in my personal experience a blessing. The Saw Palmetto I found most helpful is an extract contained in a fabulous suppository formula. Rectal application ensures that the beneficial phytosterols and other compounds are not diverted or weakened in effect by the digestive process. Instead, they are absorbed by the rich network of veins surrounding the rectal area (hemorrhoidal veins) and carried directly up to the liver by the portal vein system. From the liver they are given to the bloodstream as well as to the beginning of the small intestine for superb absorption.

From my experience, Saw Palmetto for women can be beneficial for increasing libido, nourishing better growth of head and pubic hair, maintaining healthy and shapely breasts as well as enhancing vigor and sense of well-being.

Saw Palmetto for Women: How to Choose the Best

Products that claim to have the best Saw Palmetto for women are many, but those that are of excellent quality are very few.

First, you want the extract, not the whole berry.

You also want to be very careful of your source. There are a lot of websites that offer 'bulk pricing' and while they may claim their extract is of a particular strength, you have no way of knowing that is what you are getting. Fake 'certificates of analysis' are also far too common. I have seen this particularly on 'bulk pricing' sites.

Any compound I recommend has to pass my personal test: my own experience - I have to feel it to believe it. My clients results must corroborate with mine.

Additionally, the integrity of the company has to be beyond reproach. The link below will take you to products from such a company, including one that contains Saw Palmetto for women (and men)!

Saw Palmetto for Women Product

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