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Male Prostate Health

Male prostate health reflects and affects overall hormonal balance. Everything you do to be optimally healthy will one way or another influence the condition of this gland.

Keeping the male prostate gland naturally healthy requires hormonal balance, with a youthful abundance of testosterone.

Excellent nutrition, exercise and a generally healthy lifestyle provide the essential foundation upon which male prostate health depends.

Learning how to support and nourish this gland, can improve and maintain quality of life - including your sexual potency!

Male Prostate Health and Erectile Potency

As you get older, there is more tendency for healthy testosterone to be converted into harmful estrogens and other compounds in your body. Stress, toxins and aging contribute to this phenomenon.

Testosterone is GOOD for your prostate, but the compounds it can turn into are NOT.

Taking action to increase testosterone levels and maximize testosterone's benefits in your body not only keeps your prostate healthy...

It helps you achieve and maintain erectile potency, optimal lean muscle, youthful skin and hair and your adventuresome, optimistic, courageous male temperament...

everything you enjoy about being a man!

It is a medically accepted fact that the longer a man lives, the more likely he is to have prostate problems. By 50 years old, the chances of enlargement are 75% and of cancer, 33%. With age, these statistics worsen.

The good news is that prostate problems are NOT inevitable. The power is in your hands to naturally enhance testosterone and overall vitality.

Symptoms of Male Prostate Problems

Male prostate problems can cause the following symptoms.

**NOTE: None of the information on this site is intended as medical diagnosis, counseling or prescription. Always check with your doctor to rule out serious medical problems.

Frequent urination: Especially at night. Typically is an urge to urinate but difficulty in actually emptying the bladder.

Burning sensation when urinating: Can indicate either bladder or prostate infection.

Lower back or groin pain: While this can indicate male prostate problems, it can also be a sign of kidney, bladder or other issues. If pain is intense or persists more than a few days, check with your doctor.

Pain during intercourse: Pain before or during ejaculation can result from a prostate infection.

Slow drip from the penis: Can have several causes. Male prostate infection, sexually transmitted disease, cancer and other problems can be the cause and should be checked out medically.

Premature Ejaculation: Many doctors say that MOST premature ejaculation is caused by prostate infection rather than psychological problems!

Below, a list of factors that endanger male prostate health - AND how to minimize or eliminate them can put the power to maintain your healthy prostate in YOUR hands!

What Factors Endanger Male Prostate Health?

Hormonal imbalances: As a man ages, the tendency is to produce less testosterone and more estrogen. Testosterone is protective of male prostate health, as well as many other aspects including cardiovascular function, muscular development and bone density.

Zinc deficiency: Most men don't get enough zinc to fully satisfy the requirements of the prostate.

Cadmium toxicity: Cigarette smoke and other sources expose men to cadmium, a toxic metal that has been implicated in erectile dysfunction as well as prostate problems.

Calcifications: Do you know that as we age, many organs of the body tend to develop calcifications? We are familiar with calcification problems in the joints, or kidney stones and gallstones.

The male prostate is also subject to calcium deposits.

Cancer: One of the most feared potential problems, cancer is not inevitable. There are specific measures that can help you avoid cancer.

Much of the information on this site is helpful in that regard.

Infection: This can cause inflammation and swelling of the prostate. There are precautions you can take to help avoid infection.

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