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Lemon Olive Oil Cleanse List of Supplies

Here is What You Need for Your Lemon Olive Oil Cleanse:

Time: This liver/gallbladder flush takes time. The active part of the process usually lasts from the time you drink the lemon juice and olive oil through noon of the following day.

If you work during the week, Saturday night and Sunday morning is your obvious choice.

In addition, during the day before, you will want to eat basically a fat and protein free diet. I simply eat organic apples during this time. It is simple, you don't get into food preparation and therefore it is easier to avoid thinking about food too much.

This is YOUR time to heal, to be with you, with your body and let go of daily stresses...

A supportive environment: comfortable place and supportive people are a must for your lemon olive oil cleanse adventure.

6 - 8 organic apples or 2 quarts organic apple juice

16 oz first cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil: (yes, use GOOD olive oil).

3 or 4 large lemons (lemons and oranges should be organic if at all possible).

2 medium sized oranges

Small box baking soda: This is to brush your teeth with immediately after each dose of lemon and olive oil. It will keep the strong acids of the lemon from attacking tooth enamel.

Clean toothbrush: To use for brushing the baking soda on your teeth.

Sturdy hot water bottle: Filled with very warm water, this is a wonderful touch for your cleanse. Lying on your right side, place it just under your right ribcage where your liver and gallbladder are. VERY comforting!

Comfortable couch: To lie on between doses of lemon and olive oil.

Pillows and warm blanket: To keep you warm and cozy while taking the cleanse. If my experience is any indicator, this kind of liver/gallbladder flush is 'warrior work,' so DO pamper yourself any way you can!

Clock: The lemon juice and olive oil is taken every half hour, so the clock will guide you.


Some 'intestinal fortitude!'

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