Endosterol for Healthy Prostate and Abundant Testosterone

Endosterol is highly effective for maintaining a healthy prostate and youthful testosterone levels as you get older. Here's why...

This patented, researched formula contains all the ingredients needed to maximize available testosterone for male prostate health and erectile potency.

Why Would a Man Need Endosterol?

Until his early 30's, a man produces more testosterone than estrogen. (It is very normal for all men to produce a small amount of estrogen, just as it is normal for women to produce a small amount of testosterone).

As a man gets older, he makes less and less testosterone and more estrogen. By their mid 30's, most men begin to make more estrogen than testosterone.

This is called a 'hormonal inversion,' and accelerates as the years pass. An added insult is that an enzyme called aromatase converts more and more of what little testosterone you have into estradiol, a form of estrogen that among other things, increases cancer risk.

Another enzyme, 5-alpha reductase, converts perfectly good testosterone into Di-hydro testosterone, which not only causes enlarged prostate, but hair loss and balding.

Most 60 year old men make twice as much estrogen as testosterone. Symptoms of testosterone deficiency become more obvious and often distressing.

An added insult is the HORMONE DISRUPTING effect of countless environmental toxins!

Physical symptoms of testosterone deficiency: As testosterone decreases and estrogen dominates, increasing feminisation takes place.

Increased fat, decreased muscle mass. Difficulty building muscle, even with regular intense exercise. Thinning hair and baldness. Thinning and wrinkled skin.

Loss of erectile potency. Genital atrophy. Gynecomastia (enlarging breasts, also called 'man-boobs').

Endosterol: Not Just for Men!

Did you know that healthy testosterone levels are ESSENTIAL for a woman to desire and respond to lovemaking?

When I learned that women make testosterone not only in the adrenal cortex, but ALSO in their OVARIES, I found that a fascinating fact!

While you may be researching Endosterol for enhancing male potency, you should know that it has parallel effects on women.

The ingredients in Endosterol benefit womens' testosterone levels, too. This contributes to a woman's sexual desire, drive AND sexual response!

Endosterol Ingredients: How They Keep Your Maleness Intact!

Above, we talked about how an enzyme called aromatase converts glorious testosterone to its evil counterpart, estradiol, the feminising, cancer causing strongest form of estrogen (too much is bad for women, too)!

Beta sitosterol, a primary ingredient in Endosterol, is derived from saw palmetto berries, a popular ingredient in mens health formulas. Saw palmetto berries contain a small amount of beta sitosterol, so just taking them as an herbal supplement does not have the needed effectiveness. A beta sitosterol extract derived from the berries

Beta sitosterol prevents aromatase from converting testosterone to estradiol, preserving the integrity of the testosterone your body makes.

We also described how another enzyme, 5-alpha reductase, converts testosterone into Di-hydro testosterone, which causes prostate enlargement. Beta sitosterol inhibits this process also.

In prostate cancer research, animals treated with beta sitosterol had 43% smaller tumors, and 1/2 the rate of metastases.

Pumpkin seed extract is another ingredient in Endosterol. Pumpkin seed extract is a concentrated natural source of zinc, a mineral needed in abundance for prostate health. The EXTRACT from pumpkin seeds contains much more zinc than you could get by eating the seeds (though eating them does supply zinc and other nutrients).

In the same way that iodine deficiency causes thyroid swelling, zinc deficiency is a cause of prostate enlargement - an attempt by the gland to make up for a lack. Sufficient zinc can help to prevent this from happening.

Also, pumpkin seed extract contains zinc co-factors - other nutrients naturally found in pumpkin seeds, that enhance the benefits of zinc.

Ellagic acid: A component of raspberries, ellagic acid has the unique benefit of causing cancer cells to self-destruct (a process technically known as apoptosis).

EDTA in Endosterol Supports Erectile Potency!

Magnesium di-potassium EDTA: Like other glands and organs, the prostate can be invaded by calcifications (similar to the way gallstones and kidney stones form). Magnesium di-potassium EDTA reverses this process, and puts the calcium back where it belongs - in the bones and teeth.

**Did you know that EDTA increases nitric oxide in the blood? Nitric oxide is ESSENTIAL for erectile potency!

Endosterol contains 50 mg of Magnesium Di-potassium EDTA. A larger amount is contained in a related product that has many anti aging benefits.

Endosterol Ingredients go Straight to Where They're Needed!

You may not know this, but when you take beta sitosterol orally, only about 5% of it is absorbed at all, and not much of that gets all the way to your prostate. The reason is that it is broken down and altered in the stomach into other compounds.

Endosterol comes in suppository form because that is the quickest, easiest, most effective way to get beta sitosterol and the other ingredients to your prostate and testes. This is true for a few reasons:

First, the lining of your rectal area is rich in blood vessels (the hemorrhoidal veins). Because of the permeability of the walls of the rectal area and blood vessels, the Endosterol ingredients go DIRECTLY into your bloodstream!

Secondly, the rectal area where the suppository is absorbed is only one or two INCHES from the prostate gland. The permeable (porous) nature of those tissues allows the supplements to DIRECTLY nourish the prostate.

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