Chlorella Side Effects

Chlorella side effects can be mistaken for mercury toxicity symptoms from Herxheimer effect during detox. But in many cases, headache, joint pain, brain fog etc. are caused by a cheap product that is poisoning you because it is contaminated!

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Sub-standard Chlorella companies tend to cut corners. Closed vats used for growing rob you of the rich nutrient benefits that can only come from sunlight-grown products.

Tap water is frequently used, bringing toxic contamination from mercury, lead and other heavy metals, radioactive compounds, environmental toxins and harmful microorganisms.

Chlorella side effects from the use of such products may be mistakenly thought of as Herxheimer effect (detox reaction).


In many instances, headache, brain fog, indigestion and musculoskeletal pain are not mercury detox, but mercury TOXICITY symptoms...

...the product is poisoning you (ADDING mercury and other poisons to the toxic burden in your body) because it is contaminated!

Chlorella Side Effects From Not Taking My Own Advice!

In the process of healing from mercury toxicity, even on a knowledgeable and careful protocol, there are ups and downs. On one such occasion, I started to experience mild, but increasing body aches after a long and delightful period of feeling great.

I never buy Chlorella or any other supplement at a health store. But at that moment, I was between orders at my regular professional supplier. I didn't want to pay shipping on just one bottle, and didn't want to wait obtain this super green food.

I did exactly what I repeatedly tell you NOT to do - bought a product from a local health food store.

The results of that experiment cured me of EVER doing such a thing again!

My Experience With Chlorella Side Effects

Ironically, this episode took place just as I was preparing a lecture on detoxification for students in the Nursing department at University of Massachusetts. I started the protocol about a week before, figuring I'd be feeling great by the time I taught the class.

My mild body aches increased. More symptoms appeared; headache, swollen eyelids, brain fog, fatigue. Not suspecting Chlorella side effects, I increased the dose and frequency as is advised for Herxheimer reactions in mercury detox. The extra dosing would surely absorb all those toxins being released by my body (I thought). Then I'd feel better, having succeeded in reducing my toxic burden even more!

Nice try!

I felt much as I had when I was sick with mercury toxicity years before. The Chlorella side effects brought that memory all too close! I was grateful that the lecture was in a dimly lit auditorium; the students would be less likely to notice that I looked like I was suffering a severe allergic reaction.

The day after I managed to get through the lecture, I turned my full attention to the misery in my body. What could I be doing wrong? I reviewed my protocol. Still taking maximum dose of that cheap Chlorella.

I was afraid to stop taking it because I thought I needed it to bind all that mercury that my body was releasing. But I was in so much agony that I decided to do an experiment...

For just 24 hours, I would stop taking the product.

My Chlorella Side Effects Disappear!

Within 24 hours, I felt much better!

That answered my question...

The low price brand was toxic and had put mercury and/or other heavy metals INTO my body!

I resolved to never again risk Chlorella side effects by buying anything but the best Chlorella! (new window)

Epilogue: No More Chlorella Side Effects!

The Chlorella that is a staple in my present protocol helps me (and my clients) feel healthier.

It is the product of choice of the most knowledgeable mercury detoxification experts in the world.

Because it has no fillers and is grown under ideal conditions, this brand tastes so good that my clients and I love to chew the tablets. With maximum dose of around 40 tablets a day, no Chlorella side effects have occurred.

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