Transfer Point Beta Glucan Testimonial:

Getting a Crashed Immune System Back in Fighting Form!

Transfer Point Beta Glucan was the only beta glucan product that helped me feel significantly better during the worst of my health challenges.

I was very skeptical to try it; I had already spent plenty of money on months' worth of half dozen other beta glucan products making the same claims.

Among other improvements, within a few weeks, severe joint and muscle pain from fibromyalgia had diminished so I could enjoy exercising again.

After only two months of using it, a live blood cell analysis showed that my macrophages (white blood cells) had vastly increased their numbers - and gone from pathetic, shrunken, dim little weaklings to proud, shining warriors!

Why Not Buy a Cheaper Brand than
Transfer Point Beta Glucan..?

Because the other brands DON'T WORK!

My holistic doctors had recommended a 'good professional quality brand' of beta-glucan.

It didn't work...

no discernible benefits whatsoever!

Then I tried another product, and another, and another...

None of them worked.

What IS Transfer Point Beta Glucan?

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Transfer Point Beta Glucan is a highly purified polysaccharide extract from the cell wall of baker's yeast.

It has been

researched and proven

to be a highly effective immune system booster by many prestigious institutions...

including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Because the immune-boosting compound in this supplement is so pure, it is hypoallergenic. Even people with severe yeast allergies, as I had, can only benefit from this product.

Why Did the Doctors Suggest I Take Beta Glucan..?

Damage control!

Mistakes made by these (well-intentioned) holistic MD's in an aggressive mercury detox treatment program using DMPS IV's, left my immune system devastated. Viral, bacterial and fungal infections ravaged my body. My body could not fight them off.

Every part of me hurt.

Maintaining even a modest exercise routine involved constant pain. I was allergic to almost all foods. I could not think straight because of an inflamed brain and central nervous system.

It took an immense amount of will just to get through each day, with none of my body systems functioning anywhere near normally. With my immune system at such a low ebb, I worried about cancer; not something I ever felt I had to think about before.

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Before I learned about Transfer Point Beta Glucans, I wished for something that would enable my body to kill all the viruses, bacteria and fungal infections.

To accomplish a complete recovery, I knew that I would have to get the mercury out of my body.

That in itself would lift a huge burden off my body.

But in the meantime, I needed to boost my struggling immune system right away!

I knew that defeating the pathogens was an important part of relieving inflammation, constant joint and muscle pain, indigestion, psoriasis and other painful skin conditions and a laundry list of other miseries.


You see, any severe stress (acute or sustained) weakens our immune system.

One thing that happens is that macrophages and other kinds of white blood cells become weaker. Our body also produces lower numbers of these single-celled warriors.

Pathogens of all kinds - bacterial, viral and fungal - then are able to proliferate.

What do these life forms feed on..?

Body tissues - joints, organs, nerves and all other parts of us!

Transfer Point Beta Glucan: a Missing Link for Healing the Immune System!

Before learning about Transfer Point Beta Glucans, I was deep in despair of ever finding a solution for powering up my crippled immune system.

After giving up on medical doctors, I struggled to heal myself. Having taken excellent care of my health for decades, I was doing even more than I had before in an attempt to restore vitality.

Every day I despaired over feeling worse, not better - even with all my efforts.

I had not yet discovered  Medicardium, unique Magnesium Di-Potassium of EDTA chelation suppositories which took heavy metal detox a step further with additional health benefits.

I had not even discovered colon cleansing or coffee enemas.

I'm sure that any and ALL of those detox methods in combination with Transfer Point Beta Glucan would have helped speed my recovery greatly.

An Obvious Need for Transfer Point Beta Glucan

I failed to understand how my body could be in such pain every day despite my assiduous self-care program.

A friend told me about an excellent naturopath who did live blood cell analysis.

Live blood cell analysis is a process which involves taking a minute sample of fresh blood, putting it under a dark field microscope, and projecting the enlarged picture onto a computer screen. *(See note below).*

It quickly became evident why I was feeling so ill...

Wherever the naturopath looked in the sample, the red blood cells were miserably clumped together, droopy looking and surrounded by rod bacilli, yeast and other pathogens.

WORSE YET - he pointed to red blood cells infested with rod bacilli - I could see the rod bacilli wiggling around INSIDE many of them - ICK!

He said, 'In each quadrant, there should be a minimum of 3 or 4 macrophages - white blood cells. I can hardly find any. When a person is REALLY healthy, there are half-dozen or more white blood cells in every quadrant, and they are BIG and bright - look kind of like Christmas trees all lit up. I can't even find ANY white blood cells in many of the quadrants of your sample!'

Indeed, he was right...

Oh yes - there's one! He pointed out a dim, small form. One pathetic, shriveled-up white blood cell, looking like it was trying to hide among the sagging red blood cells.

My Transfer Point Beta Glucan Experience

The naturopath suggested a beta glucan supplement.

'But I already tried that,' I protested.

That was when he told me about Transfer Point Beta Glucan. He asserted that this brand was very different than other beta glucan products - produced to meet a rare standard of excellence and effectiveness.

OK, I was willing to try...

I bought several bottles of Transfer Point Beta Glucan 500 mg 60 capsules. For the first week, I took one capsule every morning on an empty stomach with a glass of water. The second week I took two capsules (one capsule per 50 lbs of body weight is recommended).

Within the next few weeks, I noticed my muscles and joints hurt less. Also, my food allergies lessened, I slept much better, had more energy and felt happier than I had in a long time.

The improvements continued to build over the next month or so, and were easily maintained just by taking the Transfer Point Beta Glucan.

Physical Proof that Transfer Point Beta Glucan was Effective

Returning two months later, the picture of the blood cells that showed up on the screen was VERY different than the first time!

My white blood cells looked like the guardians they are meant to be. Shining shield-like forms lit up like Christmas trees were everywhere in the blood sample. Their vibrant, bold appearance had the feeling of soldiers standing guard, ready for anything.

Live blood cell analysis is just what it says. The blood cells you see on the monitor are ALIVE!

I watched, fascinated, as a white blood cell pursued a rod bacillus with the grim determination of a shark. The hunt ended with the white blood cell engulfing the bacillus like a boa constrictor wraps itself around its prey.


Proof that Transfer Point Beta Glucan is one of those VERY rare supplements that does exactly what it SAYS it does! 

How Beta Glucan Helps Your Body Fight Cancer (new window) 

Transfer Point Beta Glucan: Proven by Medical Research 

Buy Transfer Point Beta Glucan 

*NOTE: There are some unscrupulous people who use the technique of live blood cell analysis. They charge large sums of money (hundreds of dollars), and sell people high-priced, worthless supplements.

I had a reading by one such person who focused the microscope along the edges of the live blood sample. Along the edges, red blood cells exposed to air start to explode and look awful. I was very suspicious and asked them to go into the middle of the blood sample. The cells there looked fine! But this person insisted my health was in deep trouble (this was years before my mercury issues). They tried to get me to buy a cart load of supplements. I refused and walked away.*

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