Progesterone Cream Side Effects

Progesterone Cream side effects are quite rare.

For years, it has been recommended to apply bioidentical hormone creams to the skin. This is a vast improvement over oral administration.

In fact, you will do well to avoid taking hormones orally.They are not well absorbed. Hydrochloric acid in the stomach and enzymes in the liver break them down and make them unavailable.

In addition, when you ingest bio identical hormones, your liver has to process them. The by-products of that processing can have undesirable negative consequences.

Progesterone Cream Side Effects: Transdermal Application Not Ideal!

You may be surprised to learn that Natural Progesterone Cream side effects still can occur when this hormone in its bio identical form is applied to the skin.


Because progesterone is quite fat soluble, it tends to build up in the fat layers of the skin.

Why is this bad?

Did you know that your skin also plays a critical role in the production of DHEA, testosterone, cortisol and other adrenal hormones?

Natural progesterone cream side effects happen when progesterone builds up in the fat tissue and the body perceives its level to be constant.

This is NOT a good thing!


Because progesterone is a cyclical hormone, the body needs to sense highs and lows in order for all the other related hormones to function normally.

Progesterone build-up in fat tissue will distort this normal hormonal interaction, interfering with Testosterone for example.

That could cause libido and sexual response problems in women especially, but also in men who with all good intentions supplement this hormone!

While labels on natural progesterone creams typically instruct you to rotate application to a few different parts of the body, this hormone can still build up and interfere with normal hormonal and sexual vitality.

However, there IS an excellent solution…

How to Completely Avoid Progesterone Cream Side Effects

This may sound surprising; Progesterone Cream side effects can be completely avoided by NOT using it on your skin! Through my research, I found there is a third method of application for both men and women which will fully utilize the benefits and sidestep the problems with dermal use.

For women, applying the lotion to the membranes of the mucous lining of the vaginal tract, absorption is nearly ideal. It gets the hormone fed to the tissues through the same route it would take if it were being produced by your own ovaries!

You see, when your ovaries produce it, progesterone is taken up by the veins in your pelvis, carried to heart and lungs and distributed throughout your body. Vaginal application sends it through the same channels.

For men, the mucous lining of the rectal area will accomplish the same closest to natural pathway of uptake by the body.

Progesterone Cream Side Effects: Transdermal Application Skews Hormone Test Results!

Literature from the Hormone Testing Lab I use states that transdermal bioidentical progesterone cream can result in abnormally high test readings. This happened to me over 1 1/2 years ago when I had my estrogens, testosterone and progesterone levels evaluated using a saliva test. In addition, a **Trace Elements Hair Analysis test** showed my zinc was high in relation to copper. This can be an indicator that progesterone is high in relation to estrogen - a possibility not popularly considered.

I stopped using any progesterone cream as soon as I saw these test results. It is said that progesterone cream side effects can result from the persistence of the hormone stored in the fat tissues of the skin for up to 2 years! My second test suggests this is true…

After over 1 1/2 years of using NO transdermal progesterone, I did the exact same test again. Lo and behold, my progesterone was still high - a little above normal - even with NO supplementation AND with continued supplementation with bioidentical estriol!

Recently, I added the best bioidentical progesterone USP cream back into my protocol utilizing all the suggestions provided above. This feels more in harmony with the natural rhythms of the body.

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Metabolic Balance is a Key to Avoiding Progesterone Cream Side Effects

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