Endosterol Prostate Protocol Suggestions

These Endosterol prostate protocol suggestions were given to me by Spencer Feldman, the scientist who created this formula after a great deal of meticulous research.

Endosterol ingredients address a full spectrum of prostate problems. Each ingredient is selected on the basis of the research studies behind it.

A unique aspect of this expertly formulated supplement is its suppository form.

The Endosterol prostate protocol involves placing the suppository right behind your prostate.

By-passing the digestive system means that the rich, nourishing ingredients are absorbed right into your prostate gland in their full potency!

Endosterol ingredients: Phytosterol blend (Beta Sitosterol, Sitostanol, Campesterol, Campstanol) 250 mg, Saw Palmetto extract 150 mg, Pumpkin Seed extract 100 mg, Quercetin 100 mg, Dandelion extract 100 mg, Lecithin 100 mg, Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA 50 mg, Ellagic acid 20 mg, Gingko Biloba 20 mg.

Problem: feminization.


Beta Sitosterol: This compound is concentrated from saw palmetto berries. (You would have to consume many pounds per day of the berries to get what is in a single Endosterol suppository)!

Beta sitosterol keeps all the precious testosterone your body makes from being converted into estrogens that cause loss of masculinity, feminization and increase cancer risk.

Problem: prostate enlargement.


Beta Sitosterol: Prevents the enzyme 5-alpha reductase from converting good testosterone into di-hydro testosterone, which causes prostate enlargement.

Problem: prostate swelling caused by zinc deficiency.


Pumpkin seed extract: a concentrated natural source of zinc and zinc co-factors (other nutrients which increase the benefits of zinc).

Zinc is to your prostate like iodine is to your thyroid gland. A lack of iodine triggers the thyroid to enlarge to try and compensate; a lack of zinc contributes to prostate swelling for the same reason.

Pumpkin seed extract contains zinc plus other compounds that help you easily absorb the zinc.

Problem: prostate cancer.


Ellagic acid: Research shows ellagic acid to have the unique ability to trigger apoptosis (self-destruction) of cancer cells. NOTE: Be sure to consult a medical doctor and do not attempt to self-treat cancer.

Problem: prostate stones (calcifications).


Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA: helps dissolve calcifications and put the calcium back into bones and teeth where it belongs.

Did you know that EDTA increases nitric oxide in the blood? Nitric oxide is vital for erectile potency!

Your Endosterol Prostate Protocol

To support prostate health: For general use, use one suppository every three days.

When there is swelling, pain, etc. For use with an actively symptomatic prostate, take one a day for 10 days, then one every other day for 20 days, then one every three days for 30 days.

**Find the minimum dosage required to keep symptom free.

A suggestion for increasing the effectiveness of your Endosterol prostate protocol:

Additional Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA can help with calcifications.

When using Endosterol for the prostate, a box of Medicardium to decalcify the prostate is suggested.

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