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Oxytocin Definition: Understanding the 'Love Hormone'

Oxytocin definition: also known as the 'love hormone' or 'cuddle hormone,' this neuropeptide improves sexual pleasure and response, alleviates fear, pain and depression, and enhances sleep. What other benefits does it confer?

PHOTO: Cuddly babies of any description can increase our production of the 'love hormone!'

Benefits of the 'Love Hormone'

- important for bonding and committment in human relationships

- vasodilation - increases peripheral circulation - helps you have warm hands and warm feet

- fosters sociability and trust

- supports empathy and caring

- helps orgasmic capacity of both men and women

- helps reduce stress by counteracting the effects of cortisol (stress or fight or flight hormone produced by the adrenal glands)

Oxytocin Definition:
How is this Hormone Produced in the Body?

Also considered a neuropeptide, this hormone is made by a variety of tissues in different areas of the body. The main body tissues that manufacture it are neurons in super-optic nucleus and para-ventricular nucleus of the brain. The neurons then send the hormone down an axon to the posterior pituitary. 

The main target organ for this hormone is the amygdala of the brain. The amygdala lies just behind eyeball inside temporal lobe of the brain. The amygdala is the seat of fear - oxytocin helps alleviate fear, even extreme fear. It has anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, analgesic (pain relieving) properties.

The neurons in the brain that produce this hormone extend throughout the brain and also into the spinal cord. For this reason, it has the ability to kill pain inside the nervous sytem itself. 

An oxytocin definition includes a more wide-ranging distribution and functionality than you might think, of this very important hormone. The 'love hormone' is produced by multitude of cells throughout the body including the retina, pineal gland, ovaries, oviducts, testicles, adrenals, pancreas, uterus, prostate, posterior pituitary.

This hormone stimulates endorphins known as enkephalins, increasing our ability to withstand pain AND relieving pain as well.

With so many benefits, it is good to think about how to increase your production of the 'Cuddle Hormone'...

Beyond an Oxytocin Definition:
How Can You Increase the 'Cuddle Hormone'?

Delightful Way to
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