Hair Analysis Reviews

These hair analysis reviews provide insight into the personal experience of different individuals who are following the Trace Elements diet and supplement program.

The recommendations provided for each person are very individual and are based on a highly accurate, scientifically advanced testing procedure.

Hair Analysis Review from a Local Client...

Hi Ellen,

Here is what I have to say about the Trace Mineral Analysis program:

The Trace Mineral Analysis test made great sense to me because I don’t like wasting my money on supplements that I don’t need, and that may not be be helpful to me.

After the first test I did not perceive any real differences, but after about four months I began to notice that my body was much less tense and that I could tolerate the cold weather much better.

I was very low in magnesium before I began the program. After learning this and reading the explanation in the results section of my report, it all made sense to me. Lack of magnesium is responsible for increased muscle tension (which can reduce circulation and cause one to feel cold) , the very symptom that I had been trying to resolve over a long period of time.

Additionally, staying with the program’s recommended dietary changes, along with the appropriate supplementation, has improved my digestion and elimination.

I would recommend the Trace Mineral Analysis program for anyone interested in improving their overall health.

Nancy K.

Hair Analysis Review from a Male Client...

Dear Ellen,

I am so glad I did the Hair Analysis with you.  I believe the analysis done by Trace Elements was incredibly accurate. 

I was a little skeptical; but, I now believe their hair analysis technology to be a great tool.  The results confirmed some things I suspected about myself. 

I have implemented the dietary suggestions and I think they were right on.  I feel more even balanced than I ever have in my life! 

I look forward to doing another analysis in a few months to further refine my program.  I am no longer shooting in the dark regarding my supplements and diet. 

I am even saving money on this because I have eliminated some supplements that I don't need.  I did not realize that my calcium levels were too high and my magnesium was too low.  I even began reading Dr. Watt's book and I realize it is all about balance. 

This is really helping me to improve the quality of my life.

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