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Cod-Liver Oil Reviews: Years of Personal Experience

Cod-liver oil is an ancient sacred food with real benefits that we as modern people would find extraordinary.

We are surprised at its healing capacity only because foods of such profound therapeutic value are quite rare these days.

Yes, there are many brands claiming to be the real thing. However, I think the hale and hearty Vikings of old would emphatically disagree. You see, real cod-liver oil is the one made with a high regard for keeping intact its vast multitude of beneficial compounds. Every company out there will tell you how pure, fresh and potent their product is; almost none are anywhere near as good as claimed.

The Vikings of course, only had one way of making cod-liver oil. They kept a covered barrel outside the door and tossed fish livers in there when they brought home the day's catch. As the weeks passed and the livers fermented, the liquid fat portion, being lighter, would rise to the top. This was carefully skimmed off, highly prized as a food for maintaining vitality. It also had good keeping capacity and did not easily spoil.

What passes for cod-liver oil these days would raise the eyebrows of any respectable Viking. The phrase 'Molecularly distilled to preserve freshness and ensure purity' would probably get you some good belly laughs if you dared to try and explain it to them!

Cod-Liver Oil Reviews:
A Synopsis of My Experience of Different Brands

For months or even years, I devotedly included every one of the products below in my diet. I was convinced cod-liver oil benefits were an important part of keeping healthy. Looking back, in my naivete, I spent a lot of money on useless products.

Dale Alexander brand was the first one I used. It tastes so bad that it surely validates the idea that this sacred food is vile tasting stuff. I took it on faith for a couple of years, 30 years ago. The acrid burning sensation at the back of my throat attested to the massive amount of rancid compounds in this product. The fact that I continued to take it attested to massive denial and ignorance of what constitutes quality. I tried all their different flavors including an emulsified version. Pure garbage - it may not be on the market any more but if you see it - stay away!

Pharmaceutical grade from Norway; this was obtained by a colleague of mine who was in the supplement business, and an expert at finding the very best products. A pleasant nutty flavor characterized this one. It was not obtainable for long. While it felt very pure, it did not produce noticeable health benefits that I could attribute to taking it.

Carlsons Cod-Liver Oil: I used this one for a number of years. It had no rancid taste and seemed of decent quality, however again, I did not notice any distinct benefits. As well, at the time, I was attempting to heal a cavity in one of my teeth and unfortunately did not see any results at all.

Nordic Naturals Cod-Liver Oil: A popular brand these days. I used their cod-liver oil for a few months. It was tasteless and totally lacking in character. It had no impact whatsoever on my well-being.

This company emphasizes how 'clean' their product is. Their 'multi-patented manufacturing process' filters and molecularly distills all the toxins AND all the health benefit right out of this one.

Green Pasture Fermented Cod-Liver Oil:

The Vikings would take pride in a super food of THIS quality! It is made in the old way, fermenting the fish livers in very sanitary conditions.

Unlike other brands' production methods, this one does not destroy any of the nutritional compounds - in fact makes them more bioavailable. There is no heat applied to the product.

In addition to the native Vitamin A and Vitamin D that is in the raw cod-liver oil, you get omega-3, 6, 7 and 9 essential fatty acids, and a wealth of essential phospholipids and many as yet undiscovered nutrients in the Green Pasture product.

Did you know that all other companies have to add synthetic Vitamin A and Vitamin D back into their products because these vitamins get destroyed in production? Not Green Pasture - the Vitamin D and Vitamin A plus all the other precious nutrients in it - are the very same ones that are there to begin with.

I can heartily attest that there ARE real benefits to be had for your whole body when you take this one!

My favorite Green Pasture Fermented Cod-Liver Oil product ALSO contains X-Factor Butter Oil. You see, Dr. Weston Price's research showed that the benefits of cod-liver oil were increased by the addition of butter from cows grazing on new spring grass. The Butter Oil in this product was produced in accordance with those exacting standards.

I take some of this cod-liver oil / butter oil combination every day - and give it to my dogs as well!

Butter Oil /Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend
8.1 fl oz GEL

Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend 8.1 fl

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