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Bone Broth Recipe:

Mineral-Rich Elixir for Remineralizing Teeth and More!

This bone broth recipe with my own modifications, is a mineral rich elixir that should be part of any protocol to remineralize teeth and prevent osteoporosis. 

My Special Bone Broth Recipe

Recipe Instructions:

1) Fill 6 quart pot 2/3 full of bones from grass fed beef or lamb, or pasture raised chicken or turkey. It is nice to have some meat and gristle attached to the bones, as this will add flavor and gelatin protein to your soup.

1 cup naturally fermented Apple Cider Vinegar from organic apples

1 rounded tablespoon sea salt

Directions: Place bones in 6 quart stainless steel pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil and boil for 30 minutes.

2) Usually, some foam will rise to the top and float on the water. Use slotted spoon or ladle to skim off foam and discard, as the foam tends to contain impurities.

3) Next, add a little more water to cover any exposed bones and add natural Apple Cider Vinegar and salt.

4) Bring heat down to a gentle simmer, cover pot and watch to make sure heat is low enough so it does not boil over. 

**You might want to skim off any excess fat that rises to the top. This fat can be used for sautéing - or if you prefer, discarded. Leaving the fat to simmer the whole time has 2 disadvantages; more cooking odor that you may find undesirable and too much breakdown of fat to allow you to use it for cooking.

5) Keep at low simmer for 10 - 24 hours. After 5 - 6 hours, add another 1/4 - 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar - this will continue to draw minerals out of the bones and into the liquid.

6) Run cold water in kitchen sink and immerse pot to cool soup quickly. Drain sink after 15 minutes and run more cold water in, as heat of pot will warm the first water and slow cooling.

7) When soup is room temperature, remove bones and pour soup into containers to be frozen. 

Option # 2: If you have limits storage space for soup, you may want to remove bones while soup is still hot and boil down - evaporating the water in the soup for a more concentrated finished product. The other advantage of this is that bone broth concentrate makes a great base for some gourmet sauces and gravies.

Option #3: While broth is still hot, remove bones and chop onion, carrot, leeks, parsley, celery and other vegetables into the soup and simmer for another hour for a great meal in itself!

PHOTO: Sliced leeks about to be added to bone broth.

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