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BEST Wool Comforter:

The BEST Wool Comforter.

Incomparable purity, comfort and durability!

Best Wool Comforter:
Sizes and Thickness
to Suit YOUR Personal Needs

These lightweight comforters are stitched with love. You get warmth, temperature regulation and breathability in this signature handmade product. 

Product Specifications:

Premium Eco-Wool™ batting

Organic cotton sateen fabric cover

Dimensions & Wool Weights:

Cool Comfort - lighter weight for warmer temperatures.

Crib (Cool Comfort Only) 35” x 53”, .9 oz.

Twin 68” x 86”, 2.6 lbs. 

Full/Queen 86” x 86”, 3.3 lbs. 

King/CAL King 100” x 86”, 8.1 lbs. 

Perfect Comfort - medium weight for moderate temperatures.

Twin 68” x 86”, 3.6 lbs. 

Full/Queen 86” x 86”, 4.5 lbs. 

King/CAL King 100” x 86”, 5.2 lbs. 

Extra Warmth - our thickest comforter for cold temperatures.

Twin 68” x 86”, 5.6 oz. 

Full/Queen 86” x 86”, 7.0 lbs. 

King/CAL King 100” x 86”, 8.1 lbs.

BEST Wool Comforter
for Baby

Baby Crib Wool Comforter  'Cool Comfort' only  35" x 53"   .9 oz     

Baby Crib 'Cool Comfort' Wool Comforter

Best Wool Comforter
Twin Size, 3 different weights

Twin 'Cool Comfort' Wool Comforter TCCC  68 x 86  2.6 lbs      sateen    

Twin 'Cool Comfort' Wool Comforter

Twin 'Perfect Comfort' Wool Comforter  TCPC   68 x 86   3.6 lbs        sateen 

Twin 'Perfect Comfort' Wool Comforter

Twin 'Extra Warmth' Wool Comforter  TCEW     68 x 86    

5.6 lbs     sateen    

Twin 'Extra Warmth' Wool Comforter

Best Wool Comforter
Full / Queen - 3 different weights

Full/Queen 'Cool Comfort' Wool Comforter QCCC    86 x 86     3.3 lbs     sateen    

Full/Queen 'Cool Comfort' Wool Comforter

Full/Queen 'Perfect Comfort' Wool Comforter  QCPC   

86 x 86     4.5 lbs        sateen   

Full/Queen 'Perfect Comfort' Wool Comforter

Full/Queen 'Extra Warmth'  QCEW    86 x 86                           7.0 lbs          sateen  

Queen 'Extra Warmth' Wool Comforter

Best Wool Comforter
King Size - 3 different weights

King 'Cool Comfort' Wool Comforter     CCC     100 x 86    

3.8 lbs      sateen    

King 'Cool Comfort' Wool Comforter

King 'Perfect Comfort' Wool Comforter  KCPC     100 x 86     5.2 lbs      sateen    

King 'Perfect Comfort' Wool Comforter

King 'Extra Warmth' KCEW     100 x 86     8.1 lbs     sateen  

King 'Extra Warmth' Wool Comforter

How about a cloud-soft mattress topper to go with your comforter?


PHOTO ABOVE: I LOVE sleeping on this wool topper!

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