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Save the Earth

How Your Lifestyle Can Help

Save the earth - it begins with YOU!

Even if you are an environmentally conscious person, you may not think about starting so close to home!

The earth's well-being is threatened by too many people, overconsumption of food and other resources and widespread use of toxic products. However, by living a leaner, cleaner lifestyle, we can all help save our earth.

When you detox your body, it not only improves YOUR life, but lightens the strain on the earth's resources and contributes to a clean planet!

How? Here is just one example...

Medications eliminated by or discarded by humans are polluting our drinking water and water supplies. When you detoxify your body and optimize your health with super foods, exercise and nutritional supplements, you are less likely to need toxic prescription drugs. (Just say NO to drugs)! You will benefit people and other living things by not passing drugs into the water or environment.

In this way, you help to detoxify the earth.

How to Use a Lot Less Water!

When you detoxify your body, one of the bonuses is - your body and breath smell better! Not only will you need less (or no) deodorant products, you won't need to shower nearly as often.

A ten minute shower can use up to ten gallons of water. If you take three showers per week instead of six, that's thirty or more gallons of water saved!

Do you know that skin brushing and other means of exfoliation are MORE effective than lots of showers to combat body odor? This is because dead skin cells are a large part of body odor.

The skin is the body's largest organ of elimination. With less toxins needing to be eliminated, less body odor is the result. Therefore, less showers and hair washing is needed.

You may think this is crazy, but I did an experiment once - taking NO showers for three weeks! I had done a lot of cleansing and detoxification by that time.

Every morning, I did a very thorough skin brushing, also a scalp massage and hair brushing. I used soap and water only on areas of the body such as underarms, that have an abundance of sweat glands.

The result? NO complaints by my family or Rolfing clients - and at least some of them would not have been at all shy about letting me know if there was a problem. And yes, I DO usually shower more often than that.

The experiment showed how resources could be conserved if more of us lived a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

Save the Earth by Reducing Excess Food Consumption

The Centers For Disease Control data for 2003 - 2004 indicates that the prevalence of obesity in adults reached 32.2%, with extreme obesity at 4.8%.

Most overweight people are undernourished. They eat a lot of 'empty calorie' (refined, devitalized) food. This leaves them always wanting more. There are many dubious ingredients in processed foods that pollute our bodies. Processed, devitalized foods require a lot more energy and resources to produce, and involve processes that pollute the earth more than growing whole foods.

When you detoxify your body and eat whole fresh foods, appetite levels normalize. You enjoy your food more, and nutrient absorption improves.

Eating fresh whole foods and detoxifying reverses the cycle of undernourishment, overeating and overweight. We become healthy and well-nourished, maintaining a normal weight.

By reducing excess food consumption, we improve our quality of life while using less of the earth's resources.

Body Cleanse Helps Prevent Spread of Disease

Toxic bodies are more likely to harbor harmful microorganisms like viruses, e-coli, staphylococcus, enterococcus faecalis and other harmful bacteria, and candida yeast and other fungal infections. Larger parasites find fertile ground, too.

These parasites and microorganisms can get passed on to others. Body detox helps to reduce the proliferation of these harmful life forms.

Colon cleansing, liver and gallbladder detox and heavy metal chelation help remove parasites and harmful microorganisms.

Detox Your Body
Makes More Nourishment
Available For Others

The more of us who clean up our inner environment, the more nourishment is available for everyone.

An unexpected result of my personal detox protocol is that I need less than half the amount of food that I was eating previously. Cravings and over eating are no longer a problem, and I enjoy my food more than before. It is effortless to maintain a normal weight.

A more efficient, clean body needs less fuel to thrive. Detox your body and not only will you enjoy life more, you will consume less of the earth's resources.

Avoiding processed foods contributes to conservation of the earth's resources.

Here's how...

1 - Processed foods require more energy production to create them, waste human vitality by doing harm, and contain chemicals that increase cravings, leading to yet more waste of resources.

2 - Eating nutritionally vacant processed foods doesn't satisfy our body's need for real nutrition, so we are compelled to eat yet more of this junk - a vicious cycle.

Save the Earth by Starting With Ourselves

We, the microcosm, are reflected in the macrocosm. To truly save the earth, we must start very close to home...with ourselves!

When we don't tolerate toxins in our bloodstream, we won't tolerate them in the 'bloodstream' of the earth - lakes, rivers and oceans!

Or anywhere else, for that matter...

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