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Paleo Diet Recipes:
Coconut Balls

While paleo diet recipes strictly speaking would be comprised of grass fed meats, eggs, maybe a little dairy and some dark leafy greens and a bit of fruit - sometimes we would like something
a little more festive. 

With no added sweetener whatsoever, these Coconut Balls will have you wondering why you ever wanted candy.
This sweet, tempting treat will satisfy all but the most jaded palate.
Compliments to the chef (my much-adored husband).

              Coconut Ball Recipe

2 cups coconut flakes (ideal) or shredded coconut**

1 cup black currants

4 tablespoons coconut oil (warmed to liquid form)

3 or 4 scoops 'Deep Purple' organic super fruit powder

**NOTE: Coconut flakes (larger pieces of dried coconut) are much preferred over shredded coconut. The reason: shredded coconut has had the coconut oil (the best part) removed; the flakes still contain the coconut oil and are healthier AND more delicious.

Paleo diet recipes can be fun! Do experiment and try altering the suggested proportions of ingredients to suit your taste.

For example, increasing the proportion of coconut flakes gives you more healthy fat, more fiber and a treat with lower glycemic index. Note that currants are actually lower glycemic than you might think for a sweet dried fruit, and are much lower glycemic than related fruits such as raisins.

The firmness or softness and taste quality of your finished masterpiece will depend on ingredient proportions. 

1 - Put all ingredients in Cuisinart and mix until they lump together and also begin to liquefy.
2 - Spoon mixture out, shape spoonfuls into balls and place on plate.
3 - Cool in refrigerator so they harden and hold their shape.

Enjoy - and - try to leave some for later and/or for someone else!

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