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Montiff Pure L-Histidine

Montiff Pure L-Histidine, precursor to histamine, supports vasodilation, orgasmic function, neuronal health, tissue healing and more!

Montiff Pure L-Histidine 150 grams powder

Montiff Pure L-Histidine 150 gms pwd

Directions: Take 1 to 3 three times daily a half-hour or more before meals with a full glass of water or fruit or vegetable juice.  Vitamins and minerals are recommended for proper metabolism, especially B-6 and Vitamin C.  Vita-Minz-Plus and B-Complete as well as Ultra C should be taken daily.  For female sexual arousal and orgasms - 1 capsule t.i.d. prior to meals is suggested. 

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Nitric Oxide
Delight lotion!

Nitric Oxide Delight transdermal lotion

Peak Health Now
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formula developed by
Ellen Landauer



Medicardium Xeneplex Glytamins detox suppositories 3-pack

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