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Endosterol Side Effects Question:Solving a Mystery

Endosterol side effects have never been a concern of any of my clients. Therefore, I was mystified when a male client of mine reported that this soothing, potent herbal suppository with only a small amount of EDTA caused some rectal irritation.

Here is our conversation and the answer to this mystery.


Hi, Ellen,

I am experiencing some Endosterol side effects; it irritates my anus, causing it to become inflamed. I have started and stopped three times so far because of this. Should I continue using it, and when can I see results? I average 3 trips to the bathroom each night. Thanks for replying.


Ellen Landauer here, getting back to you on your questions about the Endosterol.

My comments are not set in stone, just some ideas on what could be occurring and some things you can try in order to successfully use the Endosterol. Also some comments on your question about results.


The ingredients in Endosterol are mild and meant to REDUCE inflammation. Below are several reasons you may be experiencing irritation and inflammation and some ideas on solutions.

1 - You might need to lubricate the skin of the rectum more than you already are doing now. The official recommendation of the company is petroleum jelly. If you prefer a more natural lubricant, coconut oil or olive oil are good choices.

NOTE: Lubricate the skin, NOT the suppository - if the suppository is slippery, you won't have a firm grip on it that facilitates quick and efficient insertion. This can result in the suppository slipping out of your fingers.

2 - A condition such as candida or other intestinal fungal infection can make the skin around the anus more delicate and subject to irritation, and the suppository just adds enough to aggravate it.

3 - The EDTA chelates toxic metals out of the body, and they are eliminated through the bowel. (If detox pathways such as the liver and gallbladder are overloaded, some of the toxins get diverted through the kidneys to be eliminated - not a good idea).

Toxic metals, particularly mercury are infamous for perpetrating all manner of skin rashes, irritation, inflammation and itching. So the irritation could be due to the elimination of toxic metals.

4 - EDTA is a salt compound and can sting a little if rectum is not lubricated enough. It also can irritate if the suppository is not pushed in far enough (needs to be pushed past the tight ring of muscular tissue in the rectum so it feels like it goes into the more open, hollow area of the sigmoid colon just above the muscular sphincter).

5 - Suppository should be inserted JUST BEFORE lying down - it should be the last thing you do (along with a quick soap and water hand washing) before gong to sleep at night. 

If you walk around for awhile just after inserting the suppository, some of the EDTA can seep out and irritate the anus. 

6 - Last but not least, some pre-existing condition, such as hemorrhoids or infection by microorganisms, can make tissues in the genital area more delicate and easily inflamed than normal. (Though I DO have some client with severe hemorrhoids who are able to use the suppositories, even the Medicardium which has the most EDTA).  


Without knowing a great deal about your health history and present self-care program, it would be presumptuous of me to hazard a guess as to your question about getting substantive results. From what you describe of getting up 3 times a night - can I assume you have some prostate issues? 

While every product I put up on my site is the best in its class, contains what it says on the label and has beneficial actions in the body, there is always more to healing a particular condition than any supplement.

The success of any supplement must rest on a firm foundation of great self-care, a healthy lifestyle.

So it is hard for me to say 'when' results will happen without taking into account many other factors of a client's lifestyle. Not knowing your age, health history and a lot of other information makes it difficult to give you a potential time frame.

I can say I've seen men who live a moderately healthy lifestyle, are trying, but still doing some things like drinking alcohol which work against Endosterol benefits, recover potency and feel better in the prostate area within a couple of weeks. But I can't extrapolate to others; just to report what some clients have experienced.

I hope you find some help in what I have written here. Your questions are good ones, and I think I will put up the question and answer on my site to help others (won't use your name - you remain totally anonymous).

Please feel free to contact me and let me know how you have done with this information.

I wish you the very Best of Health!


Ellen Landauer

Endosterol Side Effects Mystery Solved!


Thanks for your reply. It was not indicated on the package that the user should apply the Endosterol prior to going to bed!

While my application procedure is correct, I did so in the morning after clearing my bowels and prior to my playing a tennis match last Saturday. 

It would seem that all that physical exertion precipitated the EDTA close to my anal spinchter and may have caused some slight inflammation. It eventually normalized with an application of hemorrhoidal cream.

I think your point #5 is very important and should be indicated on the package. Doing it the last thing at night before going to bed makes a lot of sense.

Thanks again - I will do so tonight and expect no further problems.

Moral of this Story: Don't insert a detox suppository just before playing a tennis match! ;-)

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