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Endosterol Menopause Support

Healthy menopausal woman

Endosterol, a womens' supplement par exellence, can help you enjoy a glorious menopause.

If you're like me, you refuse to submit to hot flashes, vaginal dryness, wrinkling skin, depression, low energy and other menopausal miseries.

Endosterol phytonutrient complex contains beta sitosterol, beta sitostanol, campesterol and campestanol, powerful plant sterol concentrates from saw palmetto berries.

Among other benefits, plant sterols help you maintain hormonal balance. Compounds like beta sitosterol support womens hormonal health through ALL cycles of life; during peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause, these compounds in sufficient quantities contribute mightily to your womanly power!

Endosterol Advantage: A Highly Effective Delivery System

Beta sitosterol and other plant sterols in Endosterol are highly utlilized because of the unique delivery system - by suppository. 

While beta sitosterol and other plant sterols from foods, or supplements taken orally, are well absorbed, very little of them - 5% or less - actually get to benefit us hormonally. 

**In ORAL supplements, 95% of the beneficial compounds beta sitosterol, other plant sterols and pumpkin seed extract get broken down by the digestive process and used for other purposes.

They NEVER directly benefit our hormonal balance, uterus, ovaries and vaginal tissues!

Rectal administration ensures that 60% or more of these compounds can be utilized in a way that benefits hormonal balance. This is much better than approximately 5% from oral absorption of beta sitosterols.

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Saw Palmetto: Not Just for Men!

Endosterol EDTA phytonutrient suppositories for hormonal balance

How Does Saw Palmetto in Endosterol Benefit Womens' Health?

Saw palmetto extract, one of the main ingredients in Endosterol, has a long history of use for female disorders.

It helps increase libido, fertility, milk flow nursing, relieve painful periods, regulate menstrual cycle, pelvic inflammatory conditions, increase uterine weight in post menopausal women also urinary infections and fluid retention.

Saw palmetto extract in Endosterol is not just a men's herb for maintaining abundant testosterone!

Think about this...

We women have testosterone, too. Testosterone supports healthy libido, smooth strong skin (in ALL areas of your body), cardiovascular health, confidence, drive, optimism and a host of other benefits.

We women obviously have less testosterone than men. Normal levels of testosterone are VERY important for our well-being and happiness.

If you are wondering where your sexual desire and orgasmic responsiveness disappeared to, lowered testosterone and other hormonal issues may be the cause!

The problem: as we get older, a deleterious enzyme called 'aromatase' robs us of testosterone in a similar way experienced by men. We lose libido, mental clarity, muscle and skin tone, suffer menopausal hair loss, thinning vaginal walls, uterine atrophy and many other symptoms that can ruin an otherwise satisfying life.

There are some very safe and effective ways to boost your testosterone and balance your hormonal picture...

Endosterol: Rich Source of Beta Sitosterol for Womens' Testosterone Levels

Beta sitosterol: Derived from saw palmetto berries, beta sitosterol, a primary ingredient in Endosterol, is a powerful, concentrated extract. If you were to use whole saw palmetto berries as a supplement, you'd have to consume many pounds daily to get a minimally beneficial dose of beta sitosterol!

Beta sitosterol in Endosterol: supports optimal utilization of testosterone and prevents aromatase from breaking it down.

Beta sitosterol has been shown to have a normalizing effect, balancing the three estrogens!

Balancing Estradiol, Estriol, and Estrone: Frequently, menopausal women are found to have too much Estrone as compared with Estriol and Estradiol. Excessively high estrone increases risk of estrogen-dependent cancers such as breast and uterine cancer.

Endosterol Menopause Support Facts

Sufficient testosterone gives you many similar benefits that it gives men...

Fabulous skin! Testosterone helps keep your skin strong, silky, supple - smooth and less subject to wrinkling.

Vaginal health: Just as testosterone helps maintain the health of tissues of the male sex organs, it increases and maintains thickness and elasticity of vaginal walls.

While estrogen maintains vaginal lubrication, testosterone is important to prevent thinning of vaginal walls and to maintain density and strength of vaginal tissue.

Healthy Female Libido:Your female libido depends on testosterone! Yes, that's right! While women normally have less testosterone than men, this hormone is vital for your healthy hormonal balance.

Beta sitosterol is a powerful health ally which prevents aromatase from converting testosterone to estrogen.

Sexual responsiveness! Without sufficient testosterone, orgasmic capacity plummets! Natural means of preserving the integrity of testosterone so it can do its job, will have a positive effect on orgasmic capacity.

When testosterone is helped to do its job through natural means such as effective supplementation with beta-sitosterol, sensitivity and orgasmic responsiveness tend to increase.

Luxuriant hair growth: healthy testosterone levels increase and maintain both density of hair growth and thickness of individual hairs on your head AND in the pubic area.

As both men and women grow older, thinning hair both on the head and in the pubic area can be distressing. Testosterone helps prevent thinning hair in both men and women.

Testosterone helps improve and maintain cardiovascular health.

Testosterone is a great mood booster!


It helps maintain a healthy nervous system. Sufficient testosterone helps support optimism, emotional resilience and the will strength to meet life's challenges.

Beta sitosterol NORMALIZES womens' testosterone. It will NOT cause masculine characteristics such as facial hair or voice changes!

Endosterol Pumpkin Seed Extract

Pumpkin Seed extract: Pumpkin seeds are a very rich source of zinc compared to many other nuts and seeds. Just as zinc is needed to maintain healthy testosterone in men, so women, too, need zinc.

The pumpkin seed extract in Endosterol is a much more concentrated source of zinc than the seeds themselves. While it is wonderful to include pumpkin seeds in your diet, you would have to eat 1 1/2 cups per day to get full DV (Daily Value) of zinc (1/4 cup contains 17.1% DV).

Pumpkin seeds also are one of two of all nuts and seeds (the other being pistachios) that are highest in phytosterols. The inclusion of concentrated pumpkin seed extract in Endosterol adds more phytosterols to this wonderful supplement.

Saw palmetto and cancer:

Do you know that stress and aging cause progesterone and testosterone to be converted to estrogen in your body? This happens in both men and women courtesy of an enzyme called aromatase.

Since saw palmetto extract in Endosterol inhibits aromatase, preserving progesterone and testosterone, this prevents the estrogen dominance that leads to increased risk of cancer.

Because aromatase activity robs you of health benefits of progesterone and testosterone, this can cause estrogen dominance. Beta sitosterol supplementation helps prevent this conversion.

Because an excess of estrogen is a marker for increased cancer risk, preserving proper hormonal balance provided by progesterone and testosterone is obviously desirable. Since aging and stress tend to increase the rate of conversion of progesterone and testosterone to estrogen, inhibiting this process is highly desirable.

Ellagic acid: In addition to plant sterols, Endosterol contains ellagic acid concentrate from the raspberry plant. Ellagic acid is an immune-enhancing compound that has been shown by research to induce 'apoptosis' (death of cancer cells).

Inflammatory processes increase as we age, so the anti-inflammatory benefits of ellagic acid support the youthful benefits of the other ingredients.

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