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Endosterol Customer Question:

How Often and How Long Should I Use It?

This Endosterol customer question on how often to take it and for how long may be one that you, too, may be asking.


Hi, How often do the Endosterol suppositries need to be applied.

Is one box of 10 for $89 the total treatment required, or do you have to apply 1 every day of the year.

If so, 1 box of 10 every 10 days is going to cost a huge amount of money per year, for both husband and wife.



Thanks for your question.

How many suppositories to use for best results is very much an individual matter. It depends both on health status and on your personal health goals. 

For example: one of my clients uses one or more Medicardium every day - because for him personally, he finds it very effective to keep him going despite a multitude of life-threatening cardiovascular problems. (Had a stroke, stent in a cardiac artery and more)!

A person who wants to do a detoxification routine a few times per year might use 3 - 6 boxes just for modest maintenance.

I have some male clients who buy Endosterol on a regular, but not continual basis because they find it helps maintain masculine vigor as they get older. Other men with prostate problems may use it daily, especially initially to get out of trouble.

Women (myself included) find it a very safe and effective hormonal balancer.

I do understand about the money end of it, and your concerns around that.

What works for many is to give it a go and see how you feel from using the product (perhaps daily for 4 - 5 days then every other day for a week) and go from there. 

The way I choose supplements for personal use as well as for my site is - I give them a trial and pick the ones that make a strong impression as far as benefits. Then begin to provide them for family and clients and get feedback from them.

Every product you see on my site goes through my own personal screening process. For me, clinical results are an important form of research. Without real-world results, something that looks good on paper is not worth much.

To determine just how frequently to use this, or any other product, nothing takes the place of your experience! So you need to conduct your own personal trial... Much of discovering what really works for you is thoroughly researching then trying new supplements.

It is not easy out there - I can't tell you how many downright cheap scams I see every day on the internet.

Hopefully my reply gives you more of a feel for making your choice  :-)

I wish you and your wife the very Best of Health!


Ellen Landauer

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