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Discount Supplement Packages: Synergy and Savings For You!

Our discount supplement packages are designed to save you money - on products, shipping, or both. 

These product combos have been carefully thought through, providing choices from economical 'dynamic duo' pairings to deluxe 'do it all' comprehensive help with which you save more money.

PHOTO ABOVE: One of our Womens' packages supports improved mood and sexual enjoyment. Men also can utilize these products to advantage. Oxytocin Nasal Spray / Chrysin Cream / Hyaluronic Acid

Discount Supplement Packages Rationale

All too often there is the temptation to think allopathically even when we're trying to be holistic.

PLEASE - resist the temptation to ask; which nutritional formula ahould I take to cure my (fill-in-the-blank)? You may as well substitute 'pharmaceutical drug' for the words 'nutritional formula.' Natural healing requires knowing and honoring the vast complexity of our amazing bodies.

To improve or maintain great health, a synergistic approach gets FAR better results than ANY one nutritional formula, therapy or lifestyle change. 

People with serious issues and serious intent to heal naturally learn this really fast!

To change your whole health picture, you have to change your whole life! This may sound daunting, and there is very little support for this idea in the population at large. HOWEVER - I can tell you that every customer and coaching client I have spoken with who has done this is glad they made such a major shift. They tell me they enjoy a younger, happier and stronger life than they previously imagined possible.

What You Get:

Many of our discount supplement packages give you a multi-faceted approach to specific issues. Others provide comprehensive support for optimal health.

PHOTO ABOVE: Discount Supplement package for comprehensive detox effectiveness!

These discount supplement packages are a result of EXPERIENCE! I and my husband have trialled every one of them and noted the synergistic benefits among various formulas. Both of us have spent over 3 decades honing our body awareness, so we are well-equipped to test the purity and effectiveness of nutritional formulas on our own bodies before making them available to you. Additionally, these discount supplement packages are becoming increasingly popular with people like you - my coaching clients and customers.

I always say that 'there is no one product that will do it all' either for general health or a specific issue. You need a synergistic protocol on top of the foundation of a great self-care program to get the best possible results.

Our nutritional formula combos give you synergy and savings at the same time!

Nutritional Formula Combos for Overall Healing and/or Increased Vitality

Detoxification Packages

Discount Supplement Packages for Natural Male Enhancement

Testosterone Support for Men

Peak Nitric Oxide Packages for Men and Women

Discount Supplement Packages for Women

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Nitric Oxide
Delight lotion!

Nitric Oxide Delight transdermal lotion

Peak Health Now
Exclusive proprietary
formula developed by
Ellen Landauer


Tongkat Ali 100:1
Extract pure

Rocket Fuel!

Robuvit® Oak
Wood Extract

Robuvit® Oak Wood Extract pure powder 20 grams.

Relieve chronic fatigue, boost energy, enhance sports performance, support cardiovascular and detoxification!



Medicardium Xeneplex Glytamins detox suppositories 3-pack

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