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Cholesterol Facts:

The true cholesterol facts are exactly the opposite of what conventional sources of information proclaim.

No connection between saturated fats, cholesterol levels and heart disease has been scientifically established!

In fact, Ancel Keys, the scientist featured in this video, used a very unscientific experiment to 'prove' that saturated fats are bad for us...

He fed large amounts of saturated fat to...

RABBITS! Rabbits cannot metabolize saturated fat - at all! Of course they became sick! That experiment has been cited ad infinitum as proof that saturated fats are bad for us.


...saturated fats from whole, organic foods are good for the vast majority of humans!

Cholesterol Facts:

What Foods and Substances are REALLY Bad for Heart and Cardiovascular Health?

A Short List: Refined anything, sugar, alcohol, fructose, corn, wheat and other grains, fruit juice, tobacco, coffee (taken orally ;-), many prescription drugs, all street drugs, more than just a little sweet fruit such as oranges.

Also: Toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum. Pesticides, environmental pollution, stress, noise pollution, food additives...etc.

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