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by Ellen Landauer

Customer Review

In this Chlorella customer review, a savvy young man from Australia, who is a client of mine, gives me the low-down on a popular brand of Chlorella promoted on a well-known health site.

This was a product that I had considered awhile back, then decided against. For various reasons, I am keeping the product anonymous.

You will note that my research takes an unexpected turn to reveal the truth about the growing environment of the Chlorella about which my client is asking.

This Chlorella customer review is for the purpose of educating you in ways to evaluate any product you are using or considering.

In our discussion, we bring up some points which hopefully will be of value to you.

Chlorella Customer Review: Initial Question and Answer

Question: Brendan from Australia asks...

Hello Ellen,  

I purchased some of -----'s chlorella on the net awhile ago and I noticed your site speaks about the fact that chlorella could actually be doing damage not helping if it is an inferior product. I was wondering if you know much about ------'s chlorella, it's quality, whether it is free of metals etc.  



Hi Brendan,

Happy to answer your question..!

I have no personal experience of ----'s chlorella, as I have never bought any.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is the one I trust the most for exceptional Chlorella and other related products. I'm extremely happy with the Chlorella products I provide, the production of which is supervised by Dr. Klinghardt. 

Below are my thoughts...

I took a look at the label on the ---- brand. 

The first thing it says is 'Harvested from the pristine waters of Japan's Ishigaki-shi islands.' 

The sad truth is, there are no 'pristine' waters left in the world - some are cleaner than others, but none pristine!

Having spoken to various knowledgeable people about Chlorella... 

NO Chlorella grown in the wild is a good idea any more! 

There are no pristine waters left in the world... 

That is why the best Chlorella is grown outdoors in filtered, man-made ponds to which they add pure minerals and other nutrients needed to grow a nutrient-rich Chlorella.

(As an aside, remember Super Blue-Green Algae? The one from 'pristine' Lake Klamath? A friend of mine who was into selling Blue-Green Algae stopped at Lake Klamath on a trip out west. He found it is a recreational lake - motorboats speeding back and forth all over the lake.

When he confronted the company about this, they said, 'Oh, but the algae is harvested from the clean part of the lake!' 

There is no clean part of a lake that allows motorboats)!

Here is a link about Lake Klamath (new window) 

Buy the BEST Chlorella!

The brand Klinghardt recommends is grown in a very strictly controlled environment.  It is grown outdoors in man-made ponds, very carefully supervised to avoid contamination of any kind (during rains or high winds, for example, the ponds are covered up to keep any toxic material out). 

The water and environment of Dr. Klinghardt's Chlorella is constantly monitored from start to finish of the growing process.

Also, specific species are grown - one, the more easily digested Vulgaris and the other, the more effective binder of heavy metals and other toxins - Pyrenoidosa.

Which brings us to the next point...

There is NO indication what Chlorella species is used in ----'s product. 

If you know anything about natural environments, it is almost impossible to find just one species of anything growing to the exclusion of others. 

What other algae or other kinds of ocean plants are in this product? We don't know.

Chlorella Customer Review: Digestibility vs. Detox Power

The other point is, an 83% digestibliity is cited. This brings up the question of detox power. 

The higher the digestibility, the lower the binding power for mercury etc. This is because the cell wall, which is difficult to digest, is the part of the Chlorella that binds the toxins. 

----'s product does not indicate what variety of Chlorella is used; therefore, how can we evaluate digestibility vs. detox power?

The two varieties I provide are Chlorella Vulgaris and Chlorella Pyrenoidosa.

The Chlorella Vulgaris has a cell wall half the thickness of the Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, and has half the detox power but is more digestible for people with sensitive systems who could not handle the Pyrenoidosa. 

In addition Chlorella Vulgaris contains Chlorella Growth Factor which helps speed healing of body tissues.

Chlorella Customer Review: How is the Cell Wall Cracked?

The label on ----'s product does not indicate exactly what method is used to break the cell wall of the Chlorella. 

The Dr. Klinghardt brand states that sound waves are used to delicately crack the cell walls; this is the most advanced method, which leaves the nutrient-rich inside part of the Chlorella undisturbed to provide the highest possible nutrition.

So that's my review. Having not actually sampled the ----- product, I cannot speak from experience. However, I did check out ----'s product awhile back when deciding which brand to carry.

My choice was based in large part on the fact that ----'s brand is harvested in the wild and the one I selected is grown outdoors but under very carefully monitored conditions as close to pristine as humanly possible.

The alluring mystique of Chlorella harvested in the wild had to give way to the fact that the wild is no longer pristine.


All that being said, how do YOU like the ----- brand as far as taste, how you feel from it, etc?

I would love to hear YOUR view  :-)

Hope all is well!

All the Best,

Ellen Landauer

A Comparison With the
Other Product

Hello Ellen,

I havent noticed any change really using ----'s product except I get tired sometimes after taking it. I do know however that it tastes a bit fishy and isnt very nice. Its kind of upseting to realise that I may have been using this product and it may have been taking me in the wrong direction. Ill have to order some of you chlorella.  

I am still really commited to getting well and beating my candida/leaky gut ,allergies/sensities and other symptoms. I purchased a far infrared sauna not long ago. These are supposed to really assist in getting rid of chemicals and metals from the body as you are probably aware. I plan on really focusing on detoxing for the next couple of months and then trying to tackle my candida again. Hopefully this time it works.  

I will say though that I often feel depressed and almost helpless. I see everyone around me seemingly healthy and happy and I have all these problems and I have lived an average life just like they have. I'm only 21 and I feel like i'm living in an old mans body. Did you feel like this when you had your health issues. Like you were stuck and nothing worked.

Thanks for everything

Keep up the great work


My Comments:

Hi Brendan,

Thanks for your comments on the other Chlorella! 

It helps to hear your perspective on this other product. The 'not very nice,' and fishy taste of the other Chlorella make sense, considering the fact that it was not grown in strictly controlled conditions, but rather taken from the not-so-pristine sea!

If you feel tired after taking it, toxins in the product are a real possibility. The toxins not only come from pollution, but also could be from other algae species harvested along with the Chlorella. (You may not know this, but some green algae actually contain compounds that are neuro-excitatory and neuro-toxic)! 

Below is info on blue-green algae in freshwater, but this can apply to some ocean species as well. (new window) Scroll down to the section: 'Can blue-green algae make me sick?'

That being said, with any new, concentrated food supplement such as Chlorella, assuming it is a pure product, it is important to start very slowly especially if you know you are sensitive.

I suggest my clients start with just ONE tablet for a few days and gradually work up. Here are some Chlorella Protocol Guidelines.

As I said, it is hard to find in nature a completely pure population of just ONE species of ANYTHING! So Chlorella harvested from the sea is bound to bring with it some other single-celled green life forms that are not good to eat!

I will be interested to hear, at such time as you try some of the Chlorella I offer, your feedback on taste comparison and how you feel after taking it. 

The Chlorella I provide, recommended by Dr. Klinghardt, tastes clean and full of life energy to me; my clients who use it say the same. Certainly I will be interested in your comments on the taste...

A great Chlorella supplement is not just for mercury detox. Among many benefits, it helps foster the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. It's worth it to get the best!

I had been wondering how old you are - 21 years is MUCH too young to feel old!

Yes, I know what it feels like to feel helpless, depressed, like nothing works - and look around to see all these other people who seem much happier and vital. One of my most depressing moments was while walking in a nearby town and seeing an extremely obese woman walking past me not limping at all - and I was in so much pain and could hardly walk! There was a time I actually felt my life fading away. It was like slowly drowning, no water needed...

I certainly will love to hear some time that you are feeling younger and more vital!


Ellen Landauer

P.S. Our conversation is also helpful to my other readers, so I will add it to my site. If it is OK, would love to include your name as we did once before. Whatever you say is OK :-)   I do not assume anything, but rather ask each time because I value your confidence that I will not share any info you want kept private...

PHOTO ABOVE: Our beautiful Chlorella Pyrenoidosa - totally pure compressed Chlorella ONLY - NO other ingredients!

Chlorella Customer Review: Final Comments and Some Research From Another Angle!

Brendan writes:

Yes you can publish this. It's funny the comment you made about the obese women I am an electrician and often see blokes that are overweight in their 40 s smoke and drink and they Seem to be healthier than me. Anyway I will be ordering some of your chlorella later this week thanks for everything

My final comments:

Hi Brendan,

Here are some links to information I found on the location the chlorella you bought is said to grow.

The 'pristine' waters from which ---'s Chlorella is said to be harvested apparently is NOT; coral reefs are dying and wildlife are found to have toxic burden.

You can cut and paste these into your browser if you would like to see the articles:

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Chlorella Customer Reviews: My Turn...

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