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Best Nutritional Supplements

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The best nutritional supplements for You:
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The few companies I am willing to deal with display a rare standard of excellence and integrity. 

I learned product selection over thirty-five years of study, personal experience and observation of customers and clients response to various brands and formulas.

The few companies that produce formulas with benefits I can FEEL (beyond brief placebo effect) are the ones I turn to when searching for products for YOU!

ALL formulas on this site have been trialled personally by me - usually for 3 months or more, as well as getting rave reviews by trusted colleagues of mine.

Below are the best nutritional supplements I have found to be worthy of your consideration.

Pycnogenol® forNitric Oxide,
Skin, Circulatory, Collagen, Joints and MUCH More!

Pycnogenol® pure French Maritime Pine Bark Extract has been extensively researched and proven to support a long list of body tissues and functions. A new personal favorite!

PYCNOGENOL® INFO                        BUY PYCNOGENOL®


Superior Ultra-Fine Vitamin C
NOT made in China!!

Until I tried THIS one, I thought all Ascorbic Acid supplements were pretty much the same. NOT!

This one dissolves totally, goes down smooth and has a more agreeable effect even in larger doses!



Montiff Joint-Eez and
Super Antioxidant Package

This combo is a new favorite of mine for SUPERB musculoskeletal support and full-spectrum Antioxidant power!

Montiff Joint-Eez and Montiff Super Antioxidant package for You! (scroll down on page).

Montiff L-Serine

Montiff L-Serine: Supports myelin sheaths, cell membranes, protein synthesis, glucose metabolism, cognition and alertness - and the list goes on!

Montiff Multi Vitamin/Mineral/Amino Acids Packages for You!

Montiff Multi Vitamin Mineral Amino Acids Packages provide the most potent, fresh, pure foundational protocols for You!

Best Natural Testosterone Booster pckgs for Men!

The BEST Natural Testosterone Booster packages for Men help you comprehensively address issues related to libido, male potency, energy level and mood.

Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil:
A True Elixir of Life!

From the seas at the northernmost tip of Norway comes a totally raw oil hand-made from Chimaera Monstrosa Linnaeus a species that split off from the shark family some 400 million years ago.

This sustainably harvested, TOTALLY unprocessed oil comes to us from the Rosita family, descended from many generations of Norse fishermen.

My Personal Experience with Ratfish Liver Oil

Buy Ratfish Liver Oil and EVCLO - the ONLY Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil in the World!

Oxytocin Nasal Spray: 
Extra-Pure High Potency Formula for a Delightful Experience!

The proven-by-research health benefits alone are impressive enough. Added to that, the emotional healing potential makes this a compelling new product to add to your order. 

If that weren't enough, 5x the potency of other less pure products at half the price!

What is Oxytocin?

Ecklonia Cava Extract:
You Want to Run, Not Walk, to THIS One!

When you get the BEST, this superfood extract DOES live up to its reputation! I just purchased a stock of the newest and freshest of the Ford-Speranza brand - this is the only Ecklonia Cava Extract that totally impressed me with benefits I can feel!
It is fabulous combined with Vas-cu-Care, Medicardium, Endosterol and Mens' or Women's Testo-Cream 

Ecklonia Cava Extract Research: CLICK HERE

Buy Ecklonia Cava Extract HERE

Deep Purple:
Freeze Dried ORGANIC Pomegranate,
Acai and Plum

Deep Purple is the BEST superfood fruit powder I ever found!

It is TASTY, versatile  - see recipes (below), and is 100% organic and fair traded. 

100 grams of freeze dried Pomegranate, Acai and Plum containing some of the most potent antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols among many other compounds.

For details, CLICK HERE

Deep Purple Coconut Balls
Deep Purple in Pemmican

Get Deep Purple, CLICK HERE 

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Nitric Oxide
Delight lotion!

Peak Health Now
Exclusive proprietary
formula developed by
Ellen Landauer



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The LEAST Processed Fish Liver Oil on the Planet!

Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil 

TOTALLY RAW - so rich in antioxidants, it needs NO preservatives!

So mild-tasting and smelling you can use it as a face oil!

Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil

Only the Very BEST for You
and Your Dog!

So pure, it is well tolerated
by even my most 
sensitive customers!

BUY the Best Chlorella!

Boost Your Vitality With Transdermal Creams!

Testo-Cream for Men
Testo-Cream for Women
Real Estrogen Cream and More!

Get More of the
'Love Hormone!'

Oxytocin Nasal Spray
is super-potent,
super-pure, freshly-made in small batches.

Chrysin Cream
Men and Women

Chrysin Extract (Passiflora Incarnata) in transdermal form. 

Supports integrity of Testosterone in the body.

BUY Chrysin Cream

Montiff Joint-Eez 
Super Antioxidant
package for You

Extra Support for joints, collagen and cartilage.

BUY Montiff Joint-Eez / Super Antioxidant pckg

Montiff L-Serine
3-pack for You

 Powerful Amino Acid supports myelin sheaths, nerve transmission, cell membrane integrity and more.

BUY Montiff L-Serine

Medicardium Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA Chelation Suppositories

EDTA is a chelator which also supports circulatory capacity and nitric oxide production. For more info,

Info on Medicardium

Buy Medicardium


Vas-cu-Care - Montiff's cardiovascular, nitric-oxide formula extraordinaire!

For more info,