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Benefits of Cod Liver Oil: My Experience of Rediscovery

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil for dental healing are not commonly known. Could this knowledge help YOU?

Such knowledge was only theoretical until I was faced with pain that would drive most people right into the dentist's chair.

In a leap of faith, I re-visited the benefits of cod liver oil with a personal experiment...

Part of a proactive approach to dental health requires digging deep within to find the place where we trust our body's resourcefulness and ability to heal. Now, my own faith was put to the test.

**NOTE: This article is about my personal experience, not about recommending such a course of action to you.  

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil: Applying Holistic Principles to Healing Tooth Decay

A few months ago, I began having a faint ache in my left lower jaw. In addition, I was perturbed by increasing tooth sensitivity to hot and cold as well as tooth brushing.

While blessed with a sturdy constitution and strong teeth, looking back, I have had far too much unnecessary dental work. Much of this intervention degraded rather than helped the condition of my teeth and gums. 

I suddenly realized a contradiction in my own thinking about health. You see, for my whole life, I have been programmed to believe that my dental health was partly dependent on having regular check-ups to see if I had cavities or other dental issues that needed fixing, and regular cleaning by a hygienist. 

While I had for many years adopted a very bold, proactive approach to all other aspects of health, somehow my thinking about dental health was still very 'allopathic.' We are all programmed to think that teeth are different than other parts of our bodies. Yes, it's true that once gone, enamel can't be put back. 

HOWEVER, our bodies ARE more resourceful than we have been led to believe. As long as a tooth has live pulp and access to the saliva in the mouth, the body can fight infection, mineralize and harden the dentin (tooth tissue just under the enamel) and in some cases partly fill cavities. This can only happen when we provide our bodies with the right foods. The benefits of cod liver oil are among the tools we need to achieve dental health.

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