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Probiotics: How do you choose one that is fully alive, potent and contains the most beneficial bacteria when there are scores of brands out there all claiming to be the best?

You may, like I did, take a product on faith. Maybe you think you feel better, but are not sure. I tried dozens of brands, many of them professional-grade products, before I found one which made a HUGE impression on me right off - not subtle at all!

Lactobacillus, bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus bulgaricus are the main beneficial bacteria you want to look for in products you buy. You also want to find a product which includes the supernatant (culturing medium). This keeps the bacteria nourished until you ingest them.

The pages below are about the only probiotic I ever found to have a remarkable and unmistakable beneficial impact on health for me personally, as well as my clients.

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Natren Probiotics Reviews

My Clients Share Their Natren Probiotics Results
Candida Yeast Question: In-Depth Natural Solutions Discussion With a Client
My Own Natren Probiotics Experience

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