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Natren probiotics testimonials and reviews from customers - I guarantee every one of them is REAL!

How these VERY ALIVE and POTENT beneficial bacteria fight fungal infections, candida, parasites, boosting immunity and improving digestion and absorption!

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Natren Probiotics Testimonials: Helping a Difficult Digestive Problem

Among the Natren Probiotics testimonials I was most delighted to receive is the one below...

This one is from Ulises Velazquez in Texas. He ate some bad seafood in a restaurant and immediately after became very sick. His whole digestive system became inflamed and irritated, likely from some virulent pathogenic organisms in the food. Until he began the Natren Probiotics protocol, he suffered poor digestion and serious fatigue for a few years.

When he purchased the Natren Probiotics, I provided him with protocol guidelines to help him gradually increase to a larger therapeutic dose. For people with severe digestive issues, starting with a very small amount and slowly working up to a therapeutic dose will minimize or avoid any 'die-off' symptoms.

He took both the three basic powders as well as the Trenev Trio, Natren's oil matrix capsules which concentrate their power from the small intestine down.

Here's what he has to say:

"The probiotics have been very helpful and have improved my digestion, not to the fullest but I have noticed a great difference, thank you!

Also would like to say that out of all of the probiotics I tried out there "Natren" would be one on my top list. And now, I know to order from you to get it directly from the manufacturer especially when it comes to sensitive products."

- Ulises Velazquez

Natren Probiotics Testimonials: How They Fight Antibiotics Side Effects

A long time Rolfing client of mine was prescribed strong antibiotics by her doctor, because she had tested positive for Lyme disease.

Even I was very impressed with her Natren Probiotics Testimonial on how these fierce microscopic allies virtually eliminated the worst antibiotics side effects.

Antibiotics are sometimes necessary in certain situations. However, they wreak havoc with the digestive tract. This is because antibiotics kill beneficial bacteria along with the microorganisms they are supposed to destroy.

Antibiotics strip the gut lining of good bacteria that are not only needed for proper digestion, but also protect us from microorganisms that can make us sick.

The Natren Probiotics helped...

After a week on the antibiotics, my client was miserable - bloated with gas, not digesting her food properly, and irritable with the discomfort.

Fortunately, it had already been proven to me which probiotic (beneficial bacteria) product is the best of all. I ordered some for my client.

It arrived as it always does, by FedEx two days later in a refrigerated box. Only $12.95 for the shipping charge, and the company gives a 100% guarantee that their product is 100% potent! How many probiotic companies do you know that give their customers the royal treatment by shipping products in an insulated, refrigerated box?

How long did it take for my client to begin to feel better..?

...ONE day!

She got the probiotics on a Friday, and her email came to me the day after! She said, 'These are the best probiotics....suddenly I am not so bloated and uncomfortable that I can't smile. WHEW I was really hurting there!'

It might be tempting to say this among the most remarkable Natren Probiotics testimonials...but I am happy to report it is not - there are more such stories after this one!

...Natren Probiotics are so powerful, they helped my client even while she was still taking the antibiotics! I had instructed her to take the probiotics as far away timewise from the antibiotics as she could, as suggested by my contact at the company.

Natren Probiotics Testimonial: One Bottle of Trenev Trio Gets Rid of Chronic Diarrhea!

A 60-something-year-old woman bought a 90 capsule bottle of Trenev Trio, an oil matrix formula that gets released by bile flow when it enters the small intestine with a meal. (Trenev Trio is VERY convenient to take for people with a busy lifestyle).

This client doesn't like to take many supplements. To quote her, 'I'm a 'minimalist!' '

She picked just that one product to try and took just 2 capsules per day. Two to three weeks after she began taking the Trenev Trio capsules, I gave her a call to see how she was doing. My client had this to say:

"I didn't tell you this before, but a few years ago, I was taking care of my elderly mother. She was in the hospital and on top of her other problems, had contracted a severe case of diarrhea - caused by an infection.

I picked it up from her, and have never been able to get rid of it. In the last couple of weeks of taking that probiotic, my diarrhea is completely GONE - I'm amazed..."

Natren Probiotics Testimonial: Easily Got Rid of Gas Pains and Indigestion

This Natren Probiotics testimonial relates the benefits my own Mom received from taking them...

Family members are often among the first to benefit from my nutritional research. My Mom doesn't like to tell her age, so let's just say she married Dad during WWII, and you can do the math.

Mom has been through a lot in life. I suspect that stress has contributed to her tendency to have some digestive issues.

Though Mom eats very well and takes care of herself much better than most people her age, she had bouts of gas pains and difficulty digesting certain foods.

After taking the best probiotics for less than a month, Mom was amazed to report that she no longer has digestive problems! She continues to take them regularly with excellent results.

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Natren Probiotics Testimonials: My Story

IMPORTANT: Not all Natren Probiotics Are Potent!

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