Mucuna Pruriens Question:

Increasing Strength and Improving Mood

This Mucuna Pruriens question about increasing strength and improving mood is from one of my younger readers, Kieran Murphy, who is in her early 20's.

Mucuna Pruriens from high-quality, organic, non-irradiated pure ground beans is extremely safe.

Photo on left - poor quality Mucuna. Pnoto on right - the BEST Mucuna Pruriens.

This supplement food which provides a wide range of benefits has, among its therapeutic compounds, L-Dopa which is a precursor to the neurotransmitter Dopamine.

Dopamine supports healthy levels of Testosterone in men and women, increases animation, drive, anabolic capacity and a host of other aspects of our healthy vitality.

Because Kieran is in her youth, and young people tend to have more Dopamine than older people, I add some cautions and offer ideas on moderation as well as other supplement options.

With a natural content of 3 - 7% L-Dopa, Mucuna Pruriens is very safe, but especially a younger person is wise to be conservative in its use.

However, this young woman has a good sense of what she needs; feeling a need for mood enhancement as well as more muscle power makes it more likely that this beneficial food is the right choice.

Mucuna Pruriens Question...

Kieran asks:

Hi there, i know you said you do not answer health related questions, but i just wanted to know if it's ok to use mucuna pruriens for strength long term? Day to Day? I'm only 24, so hopefully i am not too young to use it. I'm just fascinated by your information on it. Do you need to take any breaks from it at all in order for it not to be dangerous?

Many thanks if you can help at all

Again, great site :)



Hi Kieran,

Thanks for your question and I'm happy you are enjoying the info on my site!

Mucuna Pruriens is very safe, as it contains only 3 - 7% L-Dopa.

It also has a wealth of many other compounds which not only have benefits of their own, but help balance and protect against L-Dopa side effects.

Because you are young, you should think about using a variety of supplements for building strength and not rely too heavily on Mucuna.

If you do decide to try the Mucuna, maybe use only 2 - 3 x per week just before your heaviest workouts (I assume you work out with weights)? Start slow (1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon) and work up. My personal experience is that the most effect from the Mucuna Pruriens is felt when Phospholipid Exchange is used in the recipe, as on my Mucuna recipe page (new window).

For boosting anabolic capacity before and after a workout, a better and safer option is Montiff Super Sports amino acid formula (new window).

You can add some Mucuna Pruriens to the Montiff Super Sports in a tasty and effective pre and post-workout drink.

At the top of my Mucuna recipes page is a recipe that combines all 3 ingredients, the Mucuna, Super Sports and Phospholipid Exchange to carry the ingredients most effectively across the gut wall.


If you take the Montiff formula, you want to be sure to be taking a good B-Vitamin formula as B-Vitamins are needed to absorb aminos, and to balance them.

As you are young, and younger people typically have more Dopamine than those in their middle years and beyond, I would be very conservative with dosing and frequency of Mucuna Pruriens. There IS such a thing as too much Dopamine. 

Fortunately, the Mucuna I provide is not 'spiked' with pure L-Dopa - only contains what naturally is contained in the bean itself.

Any site claiming more than 7% L-Dopa content of Mucuna is selling a spiked product.

You will find products claiming 15%, 40% or more L-Dopa.

The bean in its natural state just does not contain that much. Pure L-Dopa without the protective effects of enough of the many other compounds contained in Mucuna Pruriens is something to be very cautious about.

I personally would stay away from those.

I wish you the very Best of Health!


Ellen Landauer

P.S. Your question is a good one and may be helpful to some of my other readers, so I may want to include it on my site. (I will keep you anonymous unless you give me express permission to use your real name - let me know which you prefer me to do).

Photo: Main ingredients for Mucuna Pruriens / Super Sports Drink

Mucuna Pruriens Question: Yes it Helps Improve Mood, too!

Kieran replies:

Of course, feel free to use it on your website with my name :)  

Thanks very much for the reply, I really do appreciate it.

I'll try and be conservative with the mucuna. It's as much for improving mood as it is with my strength.  

Again, thanks so much, and feel free to use it :)  


My reply:

Thanks so much, Kieran, for allowing me to share our conversation with my readers!

Yes, perhaps in your case, the Mucuna will provide a lift for your mood and physical health. Best to use it with the Phospholipid Exchange as described on my recipe pages. The Phospholipid Exchange potentizes the absorption of Mucuna compounds across the gut wall - for a more noticeable effect!

**Start slow with BOTH supplements and work up gradually.

Do stay in touch and let me know how it goes!

Best Wishes, 

Ellen Landauer

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