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Magnificent Magnesium Oil!

Magnesium Oil applied transdermally caught my interest. One reason is that compounds of various kinds that are effectively absorbed across the skin barrier bypass the digestion, allowing for direct entry into the body tissues, cells and bloodstream.

My experience of the power and effectiveness of top quality transdermal products has convinced me that the skin is yet another resource for bringing healing compounds directly into the tissues. For some years, I have been using some preparations that clearly boost my youthful vitality Contrary to what conventional sources say, we can absorb a wide variety of compounds through the skin.

Magnesium, in particular, is the most difficult one to absorb, even under normal circumstances. In addition, because commercial fertilizers were developed lacking this mineral so essential for humans - most agricultural soils have been depleted for years.

Over 80% of people are deficient in magnesium and it is the hardest mineral to absorb. To get this essential mineral all the way from oral consumption and your digestive tract - to every cell in your body - is not so easy.

Magnesium Oil applied to the skin is absorbed DIRECTLY into tissues very distant from your digestive tract.

It not only does wonders for skin health, it also goes into the capillaries and circulates in the bloodstream to all your organs. Therefore, transdermal application can make a BIG difference in how you feel. It is a great adjunct to taking this mineral orally.

My husband has been doing a lot of research on magnesium, so it naturally followed that Magnesium Oil would be the subject of our next product trial. I purchased enough Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil, Gel, Lotion and Bath Flakes for a few months experimentation.

Magnesium Oil as a Whole-Body Therapy

During my trials and tribulations with mercury toxicity, I was EXTREMELY magnesium deficient. Mercury interferes with absorption and utilization of many nutritional compounds, including magnesium.

I WAS taking Chlorella, which is high in magnesium. I DID over the years accomplish the healing of severe bodily damage. However, since my ideal is Peak Health, I always look for products that bring me ever closer to peak vitality and exquisite enjoyment of life.

Even if you are quite healthy, you want to maintain that, right? You want to remain younger, maybe even IMPROVE your health as you get older.

I found Magnesium Oil full-body transdermal therapy to be a most luxuriant skin conditioner as well as increasing the suppleness of the underlying muscles and boosting mood and energy.

NOTE: If you have sensitive skin, Magnesium Oil could cause some (harmless) discomfort in the form of itching and/or burning.

For those with sensitive skin, our Angstrom Magnesium Chloride Concentrate is a very excellent alternative for getting the benefits of transdermal Magnesium, in addition to which it can be added to liquids or even coffee enemas with great results.

Magnesium Oil Store

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