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Support Liver, Gallbladder
and Kidneys Detox Pathways

Glytamins supportive power for liver, gallbladder, bile flow and gallstones, has come to the forefront of my attention lately. 

Clients are reporting that they get results - without me even asking! Trying to avoid gallbladder removal surgery, they have been gaining significant relief of serious pain, constipation, indigestion, nausea, etc.

Note: I have to say that if you suspect liver, gallbladder or gallstones are a problem, always consult your medical doctor. These client accounts are not intended as medical diagnosis, advice or prescription.

Glytamins ingredients have been thoroughly researched and the raw materials selected with the greatest of care, hence the high degree of effectiveness.

The Man Who Cancelled His Gallbladder Surgery and Chose Glytamins

When he called to place an order for Glytamins, Ted Barnes confided that he had just cancelled his gallbladder surgery two days before it was to have taken place. He told me he had been suffering for some years with pain in the liver gallbladder area, indigestion and other symptoms. His usual optimistic outlook had been compromised by the misery he endured.

He and his wife had improved their diet and health habits. An intelligent, discerning man, he had already spent a lot of time researching alternatives and tried some natural remedies.

Ted purchased 2 boxes of Glytamins to start out. He decided to take one suppository per night for the first week and then do them every 3rd day thereafter.

The Joy of Glytamins: Ted Shares His Experience

PHOTO ABOVE: GLYTAMINS suppositories are EASY to use!

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This is one of those emails that brings great joy to me and keeps me inspired in all the research, writing and work I do on this site.

Hi Ellen...

Thought I would send a brief report after using Glytamins for one week.

I decided to take one each evening for the first week, then shift to every 3rd eve for 6 weeks. 

After just seven days, I can say for sure that my discomfort is easing. I believe my bile flow is helping  to  purge my system of the blockage from the bile sludge.

I am really experiencing a lot of joy from this improvement!

Thanks  again 

Ted Barnes

Glytamins Protocol Suggestion and Ted's Comment About Gallbladder Surgery

Hi Ted,

I am so DELIGHTED to hear this!

Love to hear more later. 

Be open to increasing frequency during your planned protocol if it feels like your body is asking for more...

Wonderful to hear of the joy that you are experiencing!

Sincerely, Ellen

P.S. Wonder if I might ask to include your experience on my site. It seems I have more and more people asking me about gallstone issues - many of them are in pain and about to go under the knife! If you are willing, I also would be happy to include a live link to your website... let me know...

Very  absolutely  feel  free  to  use  it  Ellen.

Gal  bladder  surgery  is  the  # 1  most  frequent    surgery  performed  in  the  U.S.

No  doubt  some  are  necessary  but  I  have  to  wonder  if  the  greater  percentage  could  be  avoided  altogether.     Many  people  do  not  even  know  what  the  gall  bladder is !   much  less  it's  amazing   function.

I  will  write  more  in  the  next  10  days.

Thank  You  for  responding 

Glytamins for You...

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Proper bile flow normalizes intestinal pH, deters parasites, candida yeast and pathogens.

Improves digestion, too.

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