Coffee Enema:

History, Research and Clinical Results

I encountered the idea of coffee enema use many years ago, but dismissed it as quackery. However, my interest was piqued by the first account I read while searching for solutions to my own health challenges.

The story took place toward the end of World War II in a German army hospital outpost surrounded by Allied troops. Blocked off, the German medics and nurses ran low on supplies, and had no medication left to alleviate the pain of their injured soldiers.

A common practice prior to surgery is to administer an enema. In one instance, a nurse could not even find water to use for that purpose. As a substitute, the nurse grabbed the only other available liquid - a strong brew of lukewarm coffee to use in place of warm water.

It was discovered that this procedure significantly relieved the soldiers' pain and left them feeling more energetic.

Coffee Enema: A Medically Accepted Practice

The discovery of the benefits of coffee enemas is reputed to originate with German scientists in the 1920's. They discovered that the treatment dilated the bile ducts, stimulating an increase in bile secretion.

It is interesting to note that this therapy was an accepted part of medical practice, listed in the prestigious Merck Manual of Medical Information until 1972.

During the time (early 20th century) that Dr. Max Gerson began to utilize them in his cancer therapy program, they were considered a viable therapy.

Dr. Ralph Moss, ph.D., an author of over half-dozen books on cancer, regards coffee enemas as a serious part of alternative medicine.

An oncologist and surgeon at District Hospital in Graz, Austria, did 6 years of clinical trials on cancer patients. In 1990, he reported on scientific evidence that supports their use for detoxification.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services, recently allocated $1.4 million for research on coffee enemas and diet for healing pancreatic cancer.

Coffee Enema Called Quackery...

(These days, this can be considered a VERY high recommendation for its effectiveness)!

In recent years, the idea of infusing a caffeine-rich solution into the lower bowel to enhance liver and gallbladder functioning has been the subject of much ridicule and denigration, dismissed by the 'establishment' as sheer quackery.

That could be the highest compliment, as it seems to me that when a natural alternative treatment is REALLY good is when it comes under attack by vested interests.

My intrepid readers agree wholeheartedly!

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