Organic Coffee Enema: Liver Cleanse Extraordinaire!

My first reaction upon hearing about coffee enema liver cleanse years ago was, 'Coffee enema? NO thanks!'

A friend had dragged me along to a class with herbalists who taught juice fasting and other methods of detoxification. One of the students was a longtime chronic fatigue sufferer.

Among the therapies the instructors recommended for her was lying down for 20 minutes with a strong cup of lukewarm Joe marinating in her sigmoid colon.

Aiy! From the first mention of it, I vehemently dismissed this as one of the most wacko ideas I'd ever heard.

Until 25 years later, 5 years of being in pain had me singing a different tune...

Colon cleansing and EDTA Chelation by Suppository brought major improvements to my health and quality of life. They eliminated most of my seemingly intractable fatigue and joint pain.

But I had reached a plateau...

While my capacity for vigorous activity had increased, I knew more healing was needed. Joint and muscle pain was still a problem, even though much improved. I had more energy, mental clarity and felt happier than I had in a long time. Peak performance was just beyond my grasp.

Then I discovered coffee enema...

Coffee Enema Alleviates Pain!

An article about the use of coffee enemas for terminal patients at the Gerson cancer clinic inspired me to try it for my own ravaged immune system.

The words ‘reduces pain in the body’ caught my eye. After five years of daily pain, I was ready to experiment!

Coffee enema is one of the first treatments administered to terminal cancer patients entering a Gerson Cancer Clinic. People in the late stages of cancer are typically in almost unbearable pain.

The first treatment or two so significantly reduced pain and increased energy in so many of these cancer patients that they were up and walking around within hours! Many are so weak they are brought in in wheelchairs.

Note: If you or a loved one has cancer, don't think you can cure it just by using this procedure! The Gerson therapy is a comprehensive program applied under the direction of a qualified doctor.

The addition of coffee enemas to my self-care program proved astoundingly effective, not only for healing a very damaged liver and immune system, but for achieving and maintaining Peak Health.

And yes, it dramatically reduced my pain!

In my house these days, the words, 'Want a cup of Joe?' are music not only to my ears, but my husband's as well!

For the most delightful coffee enema experience, we favor an expertly crafted Blonde Roast enema coffee that is used in some of the most successful alternative cancer clinics.

Coffee Enema: Serious Medicine!

In decades past, both Max Gerson and Dr. Donald Kelley had great success adding coffee enemas to the regimen of their cancer patients.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez is a famous New York City medical doctor and cancer researcher who has successfully treated many terminal cancer patients.

Dr. Gonzalez considers coffee enemas an ESSENTIAL part of cancer treatment, as well as a PREVENTIVE! He practices what he preaches and does them himself as a preventive measure. In addition, his whole staff does coffee enemas, too!

Coffee enema liver detoxification works by enhancing one of the most powerful detoxifying enzyme systems in the body.

In addition, it enhances bile flow, (new window) which transports fat-soluble wastes out of the body.

Coffee enema has a lot of science behind it and many fabulous benefits. In the articles below, I elaborate on both.

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